Earning through buying

With 40 years of property investing and industry experience behind him, Real Estate Talk host Kevin Turner truly walks the walk [Read entire story]

5 tips to a successful short-term rental strategy for your investment property

Did you know that you can achieve 7-11% yield with your investment property? Professional short-term rental management company MadeComfy's co-founders Sabrina Bethunin and Quirin Schwaighofer share their insider tips on [Read entire story]

Equity explained and how to access it

VIDEO: It is a mystery why more investors do not access the equity they have in property when it is so easy to do. [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2017 August Market report

Steady growth in the ACT market is supported by employment security and high levels of rental demand [Read entire story]

WA Excerpt from the 2017 August Market report

Residents exit Western Australia as the market tries to anticipate the bottom of the cycle [Read entire story]

Keep your Airbnb compliant with smoke alarm legislation

For greater peace of mind, it’s best to hire a reputable smoke alarm maintenance company to install and service the smoke alarms in your property [Read entire story]

Perth’s property market stabilises in June quarter

While conditions remain soft, there are some positive indications the market is finally beginning to settle [Read entire story]

Who can you Trust?

Rich Harvey, President of the Real Estate Buyers Agents Assn and Ben Kingsley, chair of Property Investment Professionals of Aust join Kevin Turner to discuss just how you can work out who you can trust. [Read entire story]

National Housing Market Update | July 2017

VIDEO: Latest Housing Market Update for Australia. The housing and economic data is derived from the CoreLogic Hedonic Home Value Index for the month of June, released July 2017. Presented by Tim Lawless, Research [Read entire story]

My Favourite Investment – With Prue Muirhead

She’s gone from running a DJ business to becoming a national property investing success story, having taken the crown as this magazine’s Investor of the Year in 2009. But Prue Muirhead believes she’s still got plenty to [Read entire story]

A Ticking Time Bomb

We expect our landlord insurance to cover us whenever anything goes wrong with our investment. However, some insurance providers offer far more security than others – and some fail to cover even the most basic tenant [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2017 July Market report

Canberra’s rising prices could be affecting affordability as low supply becomes every buyer’s worst enemy [Read entire story]

NT Excerpt from the 2017 July Market report

Despite the capital’s ongoing decline, sales volumes are increasing as renovators start taking a crack at Darwin [Read entire story]

The ‘F’ word. Don’t let finance and housing affordability get you down

You can’t seem to move these days without hearing about housing affordability. The media has us hyped up to believe that we’ll never get to own property because it’s being constantly priced out of [Read entire story]

Top Tax Issues When Subdividing Or Buying New Property

Investing in new property can seem like a daunting and risky prospect, while the development of existing property can turn out to be more complicated than just profiting off  an unused bit of land. Eddie Chung clarifies [Read entire story]

First-home buyers looking for bargains abroad

For less than $100,000, a savvy Aussie was able to snag a three-bedroom home in the Japanese countryside [Read entire story]

More rental homes should be pet-friendly

Queensland needs more landlords who recognise the benefits of allowing pets in their rental properties, says a landlord insurance specialist [Read entire story]

Renovated Queenslander Delivers $300K Profit

With a background as a fashion designer and a globetrotting fashion buyer, Natalie Winter knows a thing or two about good presentation. When she turned her eagle eye away from fashion and towards property, she quickly [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2017 June Market report

Tight vacancy rates and high demand raise prices [Read entire story]

WA Excerpt from the 2017 June Market report

There’s potential for investors willing to play the waiting game [Read entire story]

Good things in small packages: The Great Granny Flat Comeback

They’re modern and compact, cost little to build and earn excellent yields, and they can be popped onto a property you already own. It’s no wonder investors are bringing the humble granny flat back into vogue. [Read entire story]

Granny Flat adds $21,000 to Rental Income

Record-high prices and mediocre yields in metropolitan Sydney have created a large cash flow gap for investors to fill. However, property investor Zack Raad has been able to almost double the rental return on his [Read entire story]

Two major retailers join Northpoint redevelopment

Due for completion in 2018, the revamped Northpoint Tower is slated to become a major hub in the North Sydney area [Read entire story]

Hundreds of foreign investors must pay ATO $2.7m in fines

The fines resulted from breaches, including failure to get Foreign Investment Review Board approval before buying property [Read entire story]

From Shabby to Chic in $4,000

When faced with finding a tenant in Perth’s tough tenancy market, investor Pat Cheah decided a renovation was in order. She put her tight budget to good use and transformed her two-bedroom apartment in Dianella from [Read entire story]

Your Guide To Confusing Tax Deductions

Though information sharing is a cornerstone of the digital age, it can also lead to misconceptions being perpetuated – especially when it comes to tax. Eddie Chung sheds some light on two of the most commonly [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2017 April Market report

Canberra’s inner-city property market continues to deliver [Read entire story]

WA Excerpt from the 2017 April Market report

Economic and developmental issues prevent the capital’s recovery [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2017 March Market report

Improved conditions see more capital gains in the housing market [Read entire story]

WA Excerpt from the 2017 March Market report

First home buyers capitalise on affordable properties [Read entire story]

Aussies expect housing affordability to deteriorate

The rising cost of housing in the capital cities is eroding business confidence and consumer spending in these areas [Read entire story]

Property professionals “very optimistic” about 2017

Expect growth and healthy returns despite potential setbacks and market uncertainties [Read entire story]

Finding the Next Big Boom Town – Before Anyone Else

The word ‘research’ is thrown around a lot in the property investment field. But what do true researchers look for when they investigate whether a suburb or region is primed for growth? Todd Hunter from wHeregroup shares [Read entire story]

The 8K Unit Reno To Rule Them All

The key to securing top dollar for your property is a smart and simple renovation, according to David Kaity, who transformed an entire apartment for just over $8,000. [Read entire story]