Calais ‘jungle’: UK vows to accept child refugees

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Oliver Hart, Bengt Holmstrom win Nobel Economics prize

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MH17 probe zeroing in on Russian suspects

AFTER a two-year investigation, the strongest finger yet has been pointed at Russian separatists for shooting down MH17 — as 100 suspects are sought. [Read entire story]

Russia ‘stymied’ MH17 investigation

THE MH17 report was what had long been expected but seeing it in print for the first time should prompt the UN to finally, formally, hold Russia accountable. [Read entire story]

Scores are even ahead of historic face-off

ROLLING COVERAGE: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in a dead heat as they get set for their first debate, the 90 minutes that could change America. [Read entire story]

Clinton vs Trump: Stage set for US presidential debate

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Russia’s desperate MH17 conspiracy

AS Dutch investigators prepare to release their final report into the shooting down of MH17, Russia has claimed they have data revealing who was responsible. [Read entire story]

Colombia and FARC sign historic pact ending 52-year war

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New York bomb suspect caught in shootout

THE SUSPECT in twin bomb attacks in New York and New Jersey has been caught after a police shootout in which he and cops were injured. [Read entire story]

NY bomb suspect in custody

BREAKING: The man wanted in connection with the New York bombing is now in custody after a shootout with police, sources said. [Read entire story]

New York: Blast has no links to foreign ‘terrorism’

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Syrian truce receives new blows with deadly air strikes

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Hajj 2016: Pilgrims gather at Mount Arafat for key rite

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For Sardar: The Afghan Journalist

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Maldives: ‘The system has failed’

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No to partitioning Syria

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US: Gun violence in Chicago peaks in summer months

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Syria’s war: Calls for sanctions over chemical weapons

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Car bomb rocks Turkish city

SEVERAL people have been injured in a suspected car bombing outside a police station in the Turkish city of Elazig. [Read entire story]

Why did this pollie flip the bird?

NO, THAT’S not Joe Hockey. This politician has caused a stir by telling a group of noisy protesters what he really thinks. [Read entire story]

Syria’s White Helmets nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

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Brazil nabs Olympic official for ‘illegal’ ticket sales

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Libyan forces retake central Sirte district from ISIL

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Putin’s vaunted new fighter jet

MOSCOW has released its first official footage of the F-35 stealth fighter killer. The hype’s big, but is it really any good? [Read entire story]

Syria’s civil war: Russian jets bomb rebels from Iran

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Explosive leaks expose billionaire

HACKERS have exposed billionaire George Soros’ hand in everything from the migrant crisis and anti-police riots to US foreign policy. [Read entire story]

Thousands of South Sudanese flee fighting for Uganda

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France: How to win the war against ISIL

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No Medal for Bad Sportsmanship

By- Vasil Mishev The recent Greek reaction to the innocent and understandable comments made by two Australian channel seven commentators during the Rio Olympic games opening ceremony should ring alarm bells for all [Read entire story]

Trump: Obama is ‘founder of ISIS’

IN some of his most controversial comments yet, Donald Trump has accused President Barack Obama of establishing the Islamic State group. [Read entire story]

‘How would it impact your life?’

ON PAPER, it sounds like the perfect country retreat. [Read entire story]

Large turnout in Zambia election will test ruling party

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Gaza Happy video: Two years later, the joy has faded

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Why Cruz won’t back Trump

TED Cruz has revealed why he refused to endorse former rival Donald Trump at the convention, as outraged Republicans vowed revenge. [Read entire story]