Man shot in Jannali, Sydney after ‘altercation between a number of males’, police say

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A-League: Western Sydney Wanderers denied penalty against Sydney FC in derby draw

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Protests mark Tunisian revolution’s sixth anniversary

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Week of anti-Trump protests kicks off in Washington, DC

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Workers ‘forced to watch’ child porn

TWO Microsoft workers who claim they were told to take “walks and smoke breaks” to deal with the stress of watching child porn are suing the company. [Read entire story]

The threat we can no longer ignore

WE live in a world full of risks but which is the biggest? All is revealed in the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Risks Report. [Read entire story]

Pauline Hanson’s ‘pain in her backside’

PAULINE Hanson has described Rod Culleton as a “pain in the backside”, and despite being disqualified from the Senate he’s continuing to cause her pain. [Read entire story]

Tigerair chaos as Bali flights cancelled

HUNDREDS of travellers’ holiday plans are in disarray after all Tigerair flights in and out of Bali were cancelled again today and early tomorrow. [Read entire story]

Trump’s secretary of state pick faces confirmation

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‘Complete ignorance’: Jetstar slammed for kicking seat-swapping families off Bali flight – Yahoo7 News

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’I don’t want to die here, not alone’

THE Afghan Taliban has released a video showing an Australian hostage pleading with the US government to negotiate with his captors. [Read entire story]

RUSH HOUR: The stories you need to know today

A 500-YEAR-OLD prophecy made by ‘Italian Nostradamus’ Matteo Tafuri appears to be coming true, sparking fears the world is about to end. [Read entire story]

Donald Trump blasts US intel for ‘fake’ Russia dossier

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Trump concedes Russia likely hacked DNC, attacks US intelligence agencies over leaks – The Sydney Morning Herald

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Galaxies collide in stunning picture

A NEW image captured by NASA Hubble space telescope shows ‘doomed duo’ galaxies colliding and then trying to destroy one another. [Read entire story]

Apple’s biggest product since the iPhone

APPLE could be set to make its biggest new product announcement since the iPhone, with the company believed to be working on a game changer. [Read entire story]

George Michael ‘loved my brother’

THE brother of George Michael’s Australian boyfriend has rejected claims the hairdresser was a ‘leech’, saying the couple were very much in love. [Read entire story]

Superpowers wage war over nuclear threat

NORTH Korea and the US are trading threats over a nuclear weapon with huge destructive potential. But Trump’s latest response just made it worse. [Read entire story]

Two million reasons to roll out the red carpet

Tens of thousands of passengers will be welcomed by city ambassadors as more international cruise ships than ever before sail into Sydney this summer, including the largest cruise vessel to ever enter our harbour. With [Read entire story]

Mailbox safety to prevent identity theft and fraud

The City of Sydney is calling for new design standards on apartment mailboxes to protect residents from identity theft and fraud. In a submission to Standards Australia, the City of Sydney has called for the existing [Read entire story]

Activist Najeeb Rajab to remain in custody

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Dense winter fog blankets Arab Gulf countries

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Dozens feared dead as boat capsizes in Lake Albert

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The hidden force of current international uneasiness

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UNSC to vote on ending Israeli settlement activity

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Adam Saleh removed from plane ‘for speaking Arabic’

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Man confronted as he films bloody Berlin scene

A MAN who filmed the bloody aftermath of the Berlin truck attack that killed at least 12 people had his phone slapped out of his hand. [Read entire story]

$500 for drug dealer hit job

AN LA man has been sentenced to life for his wife’s murder almost 25 years after he claimed she was slain by gang members. [Read entire story]

Chapel By The Sea: Key Indigenous mural destroyed by management

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Tim Cahill heads Melbourne City to first FFA Cup with 1-0 win over Sydney FC

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Macedonian Masterminds – Missed by Macedonian Community

The dispute over Macedonia's constitutional name goes back to the Republic of Macedonia's declaration of independence in 1991. Greece claims that the term Macedonia refers to the historical Kingdom of Macedon and [Read entire story]

Reef chaos with another dead

ANOTHER tourist has died while swimming on the Great Barrier Reef. And Foreign visitors are fearing the worst. [Read entire story]

Man sets himself alight in CommBank fire

SIX people are in a critical condition and many more injured after a man entered a CBA branch in Melbourne and set himself alight. [Read entire story]

Du Plessis charged over ball tampering –

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