The Un-Protected Witness – Judicial Cover-up and Media Inaccuracy

Fake Media? Judicial system or political cover-up? Huge possibility! Just ask Trump and he’ll name every publication in the United States who are in on the ‘conspiracies’ but Is President Trump correct in accusing the [Read entire story]

Pauline Hanson’s ‘pain in her backside’

PAULINE Hanson has described Rod Culleton as a “pain in the backside”, and despite being disqualified from the Senate he’s continuing to cause her pain. [Read entire story]

Tigerair chaos as Bali flights cancelled

HUNDREDS of travellers’ holiday plans are in disarray after all Tigerair flights in and out of Bali were cancelled again today and early tomorrow. [Read entire story]

’I don’t want to die here, not alone’

THE Afghan Taliban has released a video showing an Australian hostage pleading with the US government to negotiate with his captors. [Read entire story]

RUSH HOUR: The stories you need to know today

A 500-YEAR-OLD prophecy made by ‘Italian Nostradamus’ Matteo Tafuri appears to be coming true, sparking fears the world is about to end. [Read entire story]

Macedonian Masterminds – Missed by Macedonian Community

The dispute over Macedonia's constitutional name goes back to the Republic of Macedonia's declaration of independence in 1991. Greece claims that the term Macedonia refers to the historical Kingdom of Macedon and [Read entire story]

Reef chaos with another dead

ANOTHER tourist has died while swimming on the Great Barrier Reef. And Foreign visitors are fearing the worst. [Read entire story]

Man sets himself alight in CommBank fire

SIX people are in a critical condition and many more injured after a man entered a CBA branch in Melbourne and set himself alight. [Read entire story]

140kmh winds on way to SA

SOUTH Australia may be gradually having power restored across the state after a major outage, but an urgent warning has been issued over approaching 140km/h winds. [Read entire story]

State blacked out, crazy hail hits

SOUTH Australia was plunged into darkness and giant lumps of ice battered neighbourhoods as the “worst storm in decades” struck with force. [Read entire story]

Man admits to setting friend on fire

THE 21-year-old sobbed as he recounted setting light to a suitcase with Dane McNeill’s body stuffed inside, a murder trial heard. [Read entire story]

Newspoll: Turnbull takes a battering

THE Coalition’s popularity has taken a dive in the latest Newspoll results as Tony Abbott declares his leadership ambitions are “dead”. [Read entire story]

Magda: ‘Thanks for nothing’

THINGS got personal for Magda Szubanski during an appearance on Q&A as the comedian revealed her serious side. [Read entire story]

‘Please don’t go hurting Muslims’

A SYDNEY grandfather who was stabbed on the street has urged people not to “seek revenge” over the alleged terror attack. [Read entire story]

Hired 60 Mins agent ‘free at last’

A MAN involved in the botched 60 Mins child abduction in Lebanon with former Australian soldier Adam Whittington has been released from jail. [Read entire story]

QLD quake ‘biggest in 20 years’

AIRPORTS across Queensland closed on Thursday as the state dealt with what experts called the biggest quake in decades. [Read entire story]

Doctors want more money for trial

THE new head of the doctors’ organisation calls a government initiative ‘essential reform’ but unless they are paid more it will be boycotted. [Read entire story]

Vietnam cancels Long Tan service

MALCOLM Turnbull says Vietnam has shown disregard for veterans to not permit the 50th anniversary commemorations of the Battle of Long Tan to proceed. [Read entire story]

Protesters crash Turnbull’s speech

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been ambushed by angry protesters while delivering his economic development speech in Melbourne. [Read entire story]

Labor turns down PM’s invitation to dance

LABOR will not dance to Malcolm Turnbull’s tune on fixing the deficit-ridden Budget, Bill Shorten warned the government today. [Read entire story]

No Medal for Bad Sportsmanship

By- Vasil Mishev The recent Greek reaction to the innocent and understandable comments made by two Australian channel seven commentators during the Rio Olympic games opening ceremony should ring alarm bells for all [Read entire story]

Census data ‘safe and secure’

THE head of the Australian Bureau of Statistics has apologised for the embarrassing Census debacle, but says personal data has not been compromised. [Read entire story]

Fisheries boss dies in scuba diving incident

UPDATE: POLICE have located the body of Fisheries Queensland Director Andrew Thwaites who failed to surface after a scuba dive off Moreton Island. [Read entire story]

Shorten: ‘Australia’s worst-run Census’

BILL Shorten has slammed the Government over the Census fail saying it was a “Turnbull train wreck” full of “gold class incompetence”. [Read entire story]

‘Their suffering is immeasurable’

A TEENAGER who killed a pregnant Hobart mother after he ran a red light at 110km/h in a stolen SUV has been jailed for five years. [Read entire story]

Ford goes the distance as jobs kept

FORD is planning an epic send-off for its factory workers on the last day of Falcon production, and some of them will get to keep their jobs. [Read entire story]

Coded messages: How police could’ve stopped Monis

PUBLIC messages from Premier Mike Baird and Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione could have been used to bring the siege to an end, UK experts say. [Read entire story]

Experts back PM’s corporate tax cut

TWO of the nation’s top economists have laid waste to Labor’s claims company tax cuts are a big business “giveaway”, saying they’re the biggest drag on the economy. [Read entire story]

Treasurer dodges question about gay marriage

YES, or no? That’s all we wanted to hear from Treasurer Scott Morrison but, he failed to answer the question about his vote for gay marriage. [Read entire story]

A big idea to change the way we dress

KIT Willow has shown her designs worldwide. Now the Aussie clothing queen has realised her dream of creating clothes that will change what women wear. [Read entire story]

Greenpeace’s threat to use kids again

GREENPEACE is threatening to keep using young kids to protest against the Government’s environment policies for the rest of the election campaign. [Read entire story]

Missing Aussie found dead in US

A YOUNG Perth man who vanished two months ago while holidaying with mates in the US has been found dead in a nature reserve. [Read entire story]

The talk you need to have today

IT MAY be your greatest fear, but it’s something you need to start thinking about right now, however young you are. [Read entire story]

Shorten at scene of horror crash

BILL Shorten has suspended his campaigning after he stopped to help a woman trapped in a head-on collision. [Read entire story]