ARSSS (The Academic Research Social Society of Sydney)

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Sydney scavenger hunts

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Afro Caribbean,Afro American, Afro anything!

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Pathfinders Group

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Sydney Community Organizations Meetup

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Radical Breakthrough

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The QUO Australia

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Sail Sydney Harbour

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Let me take you by surprise!

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Sydney British/Irish/Scottish Under 35 Expats

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Thursdays lady’s night tennis lesson

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Sydney Vegan/Vegetarian Camping Meetup

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Dundas Dynamos Dining Dancing

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Sailing On Sydney Harbour – J24 – Elizabeth Bay

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Sydney Airbnb Host Meetup

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Sydneysider hikers

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Sydney Psoriasis Support Network

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Keep Calm and Speak English

This "Keep Calm and Speak English" is for anyone who wants to practice English and meets new people from all over the world :) Please feel free to join us! International friends are all welcome and bring your friends [Read entire story]

100 people now booked to B2B network in the Park!

Grab a coffee and delightful lunch from the Northside Markets and grow your network with 100+ corporate employees, key business leaders and local business owners this Thursday at 12pm in the beautiful Civic park! B2B [Read entire story]

Which is the best cloud based accounting platform for your clients business

Choosing the correct cloud accounting systems depends on a number of different aspects, which type of business you are, the size of your business and of course which features you need to complete your work in the most [Read entire story]


Yes mums have one of the most important jobs in the world –raising their children, being great wives, managing the house and on top of all of this some work to pay the bills – so they deserve to be really spoilt! [Read entire story]

Sydney English Language Meetup

"This is a group for anyone interested in learning mainly in English and other foreign languages in a cozy place where you can have a cup of coffee and cookies. It is located in the heart of Sydney city and you can meet [Read entire story]

Join Creative Minds over drinks

I remember very clearly when one of my cousins got his first job in an advertising agency, I was so fascinated at how outside the box the projects were, how innovative the offices looked and I loved hearing his stories [Read entire story]

Make Your Business with Asia More Profitable

Asia is the world’s largest economy and naturally many companies throughout Australia are investing in the area but many are failing, why? Many professionals assume that speaking the same language is enough when [Read entire story]

Learn all about whiskey and connect with like minded business man

If you went to our Man business craft beer tasting in June, you now know all about the different quality craft beers from around Australia and the world, and you will probably have a new favourite beer. So now you must [Read entire story]

FTM Trans Guys Sydney (over 30)

All Trans masculinities welcome! This is a peer support group for all coming out identifying as FTM to discuss and share the experience of coming out. This group will meet to discuss topics such as coming out to family [Read entire story]

North Shore Mothers High Tea Party

      We invite you to a Mums North Shore High Tea Party with delightful food, elegant tea and interesting talks about managing your family’s lifestyle. Join 60 North Shore Mums for tea, cake, chat and [Read entire story]

Craft beer tasting & Sports at Man Business

Don’t be offended by the title if you’re a woman, just so you know the author of this blog is a woman too and I guarantee we do have plenty of events dedicated only for women here at Village, we have an exciting event [Read entire story]


Picking the right startup for your investment is vital as it means that the potential returns could yield between 5 to 100 times returns on the initial investment. So how can you be sure to choose the [Read entire story]

Is it time to focus in your business growth?

Outsourcing is an effective time and cost saving strategy, when done effectively. Having the correct person,company and tools to perform jobs that are not part of your core business can yield optimum results. This [Read entire story]

How will the 2015 Federal Budget affect you?

Everyone is talking about it – The 2015 Federal Budget will be announced Tuesday week. Early indications suggest that families and small businesses will be the big winner when Tony Abbott releases his 2015 Budget. [Read entire story]