The Woman Who Stopped Equal Rights For Women In The US Has Died

Phyllis Schlafly is dead at age 92. The conservative activist, lawyer, and author who worked to keep women in traditional stay-at-home roles and opposed the Equal Rights Amendment died on Monday. Phyllis Schlafly was [Read entire story]

Death caused ‘powder keg’ town to erupt

THE West Australian town of Kalgoorlie is in mourning over the death of killed 14-year-old Elijah Doughty, but not in shock. [Read entire story]

‘I ate mud for you Richie. I ate mud.’

WHAT’S with the producers of The Bachelor covering the girls in brown? Olena copped it this latest episode, while somehow remaining ridiculously good looking. [Read entire story]

Why it all went horrendously wrong

DID police bungle the Lindt Cafe siege? The inquest has highlighted a litany of shocking errors by police. [Read entire story]

How did police get it so wrong?

WHEN Nina Funnell was tipped off about a porn ring hunting her, she was shocked, but what disturbed her was the police response. [Read entire story]

Genius way to get everything into carry on

THIS woman took on the challenge to pack more than 100 items into a small carry bag and showed how she did it in an incredible video. [Read entire story]

Real reason Sydney no longer ‘most liveable’

SYDNEY has always been among the world’s most liveable cities. That changed this year for one surprising reason. [Read entire story]

A dormitory of underworld crime

IT WAS was a dormitory for kids who grew up to be gangsters. But a renovation has unearthed secrets inside its walls. [Read entire story]

The big secret women are keeping

MORE women are doing this to protect themselves. But is honesty the best policy when it comes to relationships? [Read entire story]

How to survive long-haul flights

SPENDING anything longer than eight hours in economy class is tough. These are the expert tips that will help you cope. [Read entire story]

The true golden age of flying

REMEMBER when plane passengers dressed to the nines and ate freshly-carved roast beef? There’s no doubt about it, the good old days are long gone. [Read entire story]

Corey Norman: a tale of missed opportunity at the Broncos

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‘I’m your mum … but I’m falling in love with you’

A MOTHER and son who claim they are in love have been arrested on incest charges. Now they’re campaigning for awareness of ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction’. [Read entire story]

Astonishing diet of an Olympic champion

OUR swimmers have truly gone through hell to be the best. Gold medallist Melanie Wright reveals her crazy diet and exercise plan. [Read entire story]

Stories that make this the UK’s scariest spot

IT’S known as the most haunted county in Britain, and these are all the terrifying reasons why. Welcome to chillingly spooky Shropshire. [Read entire story]

Trump’s Suggestion That Gun Rights Advocates Stop Clinton Sparks Outrage

“This is simple — what Trump is saying is dangerous.” Donald Trump reached a new low on Tuesday when he suggested that gun rights enthusiasts could take it upon themselves to stop Hillary Clinton [Read entire story]

Are Common Manners Officially Dead?

It’s the end of civilization as we know it. I’m not saying we need to take ‘Miss Manners’ courses here, but there’s a degree of common courtesy in human interaction that seems to be in its [Read entire story]

How Disney screwed over Norway

ITS snow-capped peaks and stunning fjords inspired one of the biggest films of the decade. Now this country is at breaking point thanks to some people’s obsession with Frozen. [Read entire story]

The people’s court decides

[Read entire story]

Stuart Kelly funeral: Hundreds pay tribute to brother of Kings Cross one-punch victim Thomas Kelly

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This girl lives life without limbs

BRAVE teen Rahma Haruna, 19, lives her life without arms or legs. Her parents are desperately trying to secure a medical diagnosis. [Read entire story]

This 22-year-old mum wants tubes tied

HOLLY Maitland already has two kids and is pregnant with a third. She’s desperate to take control of her body. [Read entire story]

‘The odds are higher than any lotto’

WITH just five days to go, an Aussie couple selling their tropical island home via a raffle have sparked a global ticket-selling frenzy. [Read entire story]

Stupid cause for flight delays

COFFEE is meant to get us up and working more efficiently. But coffee machines could actually be causing your plane to run behind schedule. [Read entire story]

Helen Macdonald: grief and a hawk

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Nick Richardson on football in wartime

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10 ways to upgrade your house without moving

10 expert ideas to refresh your home, inside and out. [Read entire story]

Sweet miso steak with ramen

This quick meal is a great way to serve beef. [Read entire story]

Train realistically for a half-marathon

I EAT popcorn for dinner and use a stick to turn off my bedroom light. This is how I will run a half-marathon and survive. [Read entire story]

My alcohol-fuelled flight from hell

IF YOU ever needed further proof that prescription drugs and alcohol on a plane don’t mix, it’s this story. Let this be a warning. [Read entire story]

12 hilarious truths about school photos

EVERY year you’ll wonder why you forked out $40 for the same terrible photo in a vast range of sizes. But may these awkward mementos never change. [Read entire story]

Manslaughter probe in EgyptAir crash

PROSECUTORS have opened a manslaughter investigation into last month’s EgyptAir plane crash, saying there is as yet no link to terrorism. [Read entire story]

Broken spaghetti and pancetta soup

This one pot soup is a quick, healthy option for cold winter nights. [Read entire story]

How to make cauliflower rice

We promise the kids won’t even be able to tell it’s cauliflower! [Read entire story]