President Obama Made Everyone Cry With His Farewell Address

Everyone with a heart, anyway. When President Barack Obama took the stage at Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center to say his goodbyes on Tuesday night, he wasn’t the only one who [Read entire story]

Being Asexual Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Like Sex

There’s a lot more to sexuality than meets the eye. It is extremely cool living in a world where “transgender” and “pansexual” are words the majority of us are aware of. These terms have [Read entire story]

To The Cop Who Thinks Only One Kind Of Rape Is Real…

All rape is real, and you are an idiot.  It is only a few days into 2017 and people in power are still making victim-blaming comments about sexual assault – and I am extremely angry about it. The particular [Read entire story]

‘We thought we were going to die’

AN AUSTRALIAN couple said they feared for their lives after becoming stranded on a glacier in Iceland for seven hours during a ferocious snowstorm. [Read entire story]

Family booted off Bali flight

FURIOUS social media users are lashing out at Jetstar after a family was removed from an international flight for the strangest reason. [Read entire story]

Toddler dies, twin brother in critical condition after being found unconscious in pool

[Read entire story]

Coogee Beach summer booze ban after ‘disgraceful’ Christmas Day behaviour

[Read entire story]

Chad Robinson’s body found in search for missing former NRL player

[Read entire story]

Sydney to Hobart: First Indigenous crew to set sail in prestigious race

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Sordid new pictures of Atkins

EXCLUSIVE: New details of Michael Atkins’ sex life with young men as cops consider his immunity deal over Matthew Leveson. [Read entire story]

The insane $325 ticket to Europe

AN AMAZING run of cheap airfare deals keeps getting better. You can start planning that holiday to Europe right now. [Read entire story]

Behold the Baileys Choc Chip Cookie Cup

THE only thing more comforting than a choc chip cookie on a Friday afternoon, is a choc chip cookie cup filled with alcohol. Get excited, people! [Read entire story]

Why are plane windows round?

EVERYTHING inside a plane is there for a reason, and it turns out round windows are really important. [Read entire story]

Here’s How To Delete Your Facebook Friends Who ‘Like’ Donald Trump

Make your feed hate-free. It’s been a tough week. As Americans try to come to grips with the fact that it seems more than likely Donald Trump will actually be our 45th President, one of the more annoying [Read entire story]

Here’s What It’s Like To Get Paid To Take Your Clothes Off For A Living

This is the naked truth. Society’s stereotypical stripper is a woman who’s down on her luck, doing anything she can to survive. She’s hit rock bottom. Leigh Hopkinson defies that image. In her [Read entire story]

New South Wales Government plan may bring the terrace back to Sydney

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Same-sex marriage: Anglican Church leaders accuse Sydney Archbishop of silencing supporters

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Video Of Trump Discussing Groping Women ‘By The Pussy’ Prompts Victim To Speak Out

Jill Harth says Trump was “relentless” in his unwanted attempts to have sex with her when she worked with him. Just when you thought he couldn’t possibly have any more skeletons come out of his [Read entire story]

6 Things People Who Have Lots Of Sex Do That You’re Not Doing

Prepare to amp up your love life. We’ve all met that person or that couple who always have a new sex story. Maybe they had a threesome. Maybe they tried BDSM. Maybe they made a sex tape. While part of us is [Read entire story]

Are you a Ms, Mr, Mrs or Mx?

FILLING out forms just became a little more complicated and a lot more inclusive at this Australian company. [Read entire story]

‘I don’t date women over 30 and overweight’

A PERTH man has been branded a “creep” after he shut down a woman on a dating website because he doesn’t “consider dating women who are over 30 and overweight.” [Read entire story]

The mistake that cost Jill Meagher her life

ON THE fourth anniversary of Adrian Bayley’s arrest, a gripping documentary provides new insights into Jill Meagher’s murder. [Read entire story]

Plunging onesies on red carpet

IT was a matter of “how low can you go” at the Brownlows, with Jesinta Campbell and Nadia Bartel facing off in a flesh-fest. [Read entire story]

Things flight attendants want to tell you, but can’t

HOW fresh is the food really? The most unhygienic part of the plane isn't the toilet. Why are there still ashtrays on board? [Read entire story]

Customs ask transgender tourists if they’re ‘cut’

TWO transgender passengers who were barred from entering Hong Kong have claimed they were discriminated against by immigration officials. [Read entire story]

This could be the ugliest shoe hybrid yet

UGG BOOTS or ‘Uggies’ have been an Aussie icon for over 30 years. Now, a U.S. company has tinkered with the it and created an abomination. [Read entire story]

Baby-faced drug mule freed

CHHAY Reaksmey, Cambodia’s 14-year-old drug mule, is to be released from notorious Prey Sar prison after a judge ruled her jailing was “unjust”. [Read entire story]

Big problem with $3b airport

A NEW, stunning $3 billion airport was designed to process up to 1600 passengers every hour. But it overlooks a crucial detail. [Read entire story]

Yes, there is now a nudist restaurant

THE only one rule is: in order to get in and taste divine food you must be totally naked. No shirt, no boxers, nothing to hide the most intimate body parts. [Read entire story]

How Modern Social Media Is Allowing Women To Be Traded As Slaves

Slavery isn’t dead. We tend to think of slavery as something archaic that happens in other countries far, far away. However, not only is it true that slavery and human trafficking exist in countries like the [Read entire story]

7 Things You Should Never Do If Your Date Doesn’t Text You Back

Don’t go to Crazy Town… So you’ve had a few great dates with a new special someone and are convinced they’re The One. You’re even feeling a little smug because it’s all [Read entire story]

Mum’s warning to pregnant women

CLAIRE Foord is fighting to make sure no other woman goes through that same pain she did when she was supposed to be full of joy. [Read entire story]

Richie sends the wrong girl home

THE Bachelor took his final five girls camping to sort the best from the one who hates camping. And then he went and broke our hearts. [Read entire story]

Snapchat Body-Shamer Facing Possible Jail Time

Dani Mathers’ victim has been found, and she wants justice. Who can forget the case of Dani Mathers, the Playboy model who took a Snapchat of a woman showering at the gym and captioned it, “if I can’t [Read entire story]