8 Advent Calendars To Make Counting Down To Christmas Extra Exciting

Sex toys, candles, and makeup? Oh my!  If there is one thing better than getting gifts on Christmas day, it’s getting a gift every day of December. As a kid, I was content with chocolate advent calendars; every [Read entire story]

Learning To Love The Skin You’re In… With Eczema

I’m pursuing healing and loving my skin from a different perspective. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t itchy and uncomfortable in my skin. Though I may have periods when it’s not as bad, I have yet to master [Read entire story]

The One Mindset Shift That Will Transform Your Life

If you’ve ever been body shamed, read this.  I’m no stranger to internet hate. Recently, a man left quite a nasty comment on one of my posts. For whatever reason, he felt compelled to tell me my body looked [Read entire story]

Here’s How To Tackle Period Pimples

That time of the month is bad enough without adding period pimples to the mix.  There is nothing more inconvenient than getting your period. I know, I know. Menstruation is a miracle. It’s another month where your [Read entire story]

THIS Hack Makes Men Last 8 Times Longer In Bed (No, Really)

If your relationship has been affected by premature ejaculation, you need to read this. Premature ejaculation is way more common than you may think. It’s estimated as many as one in three men experience it at some [Read entire story]

I Wore Vibrating Panties And Now My Life Will Never Be The Same

It was not possible to keep a straight face while wearing them. I try a lot of crazy sex toys in this job. But a vibrator that can be worn inside my underwear and controled remotely via my boyfriend’s smartphone? [Read entire story]

How To Hit The P-Spot (And What It Actually Is!)

Here’s exactly how to hit P-spot, and why it’ll take your man’s pleasure to the next level… P is for pleasure, plus P-spot or prostate gland! The P-spot is a man’s all-important erogenous [Read entire story]

6 Ways You Never Knew You Could Remove Body Hair

We’ve all heard of waxing, lasering and tweezing, but what about sugaring?  I was having a conversation with my SO the other day about our showering habits. He’s a morning showerer (yes, I know that’s [Read entire story]

NSW Police arrest 18 over alleged child care racket that stole millions of taxpayer-funded subsidies

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How many millennials are running this election? Meet a new breed of candidates

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Why I Decided To Change My Last Name After 6 Years Of Marriage

I wanted this for my identity, my marriage, my connection to my family. Choosing what to do about last names when a couple gets married is often a stressful situation. Whose name will you pick? Will you hyphenate? Will [Read entire story]

This Is What It’s Like Going From Having One Child To Two

Each new baby represents more claims on your time and energy. As I smooth the blanket over my one-year-old son, I feel an idle hand or foot drag gently across the inside of my belly. I slide a hand loosely over my [Read entire story]

How Your Clutter Is Making You Sick

Having too much stuff can actually be hazardous to your health. A friend introduced me at a party the other night by saying, “Elizabeth keeps her apartment very neat.” I laughed and assured her that my [Read entire story]

8 Beauty Products Celebrity Makeup Artists Swear By

Everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle. Marilyn Monroe said it best with her famous quote about universal twinkling rights, but celebrities seem to have special dispensation to sparkle. I can’t count the [Read entire story]

19 Ways To Make Him Fall In Love With You All Over Again

Keeping the romance alive is easier than you think. Nothing feels better than falling in love. In fact, new love can make you feel like you’re high on drugs – and for good reason. The brain produces the same [Read entire story]

These Questions Will Reveal Everything About Your Relationships

Feeling anxious about your relationship? The answers to these questions could explain why. Do you ever have a feeling you can’t quite put your finger on, but somehow you just know that something isn’t right [Read entire story]

Australians of the Year call for doctors to be allowed into former Manus Island detention centre

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Refugee mothers’ group hopes to start ‘ripple effect’ to bridge Sydney’s east-west divide

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9 Ways To Stop The Vicious Cycle Of Negative Thinking

Regret, judgment, blame, hopelessness – here’s how to kick negative thoughts to the curb. Sometimes it creeps in when things are going well and you’re feeling good about life. Don’t get too comfortable; [Read entire story]

I Got ‘Cool-Girl Bangs’ Cut And This Is How It Changed My Hair Game

I finally made the big chop. With the exception of one year when I was in 4th grade (and my mom thought a bob would look cute on me – oh how wrong she was), I’ve always had long hair with a few layers at the [Read entire story]

Fortress Canberra needs reinforcement

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Autism and teens: Sydney father James Best’s radical experiment to help son, Sam

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Elijah Doughty: Hundreds protest against sentence, cover Supreme Court in red ochre

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18 Quotes From Extraordinary Women To Inspire You Today

“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” Whether you’re feeling lacklustre and in need of a mood boost, losing motivation to kick those goals at work, or starting to doubt your own [Read entire story]

Why Trying To Quit The Internet Is Like Trying To Quit Drugs

It’s truly an addiction… When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is check my email. I do it without even thinking, because my phone is already in my hand. That’s because I use an alarm [Read entire story]

Dream cubby illustration brought to life for Sydney children with hearing impairments

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Australia’s best tradies named for 2017 Skillaroos team to compete at WorldSkills tournament

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ASOS Stopped Airbrushing Models’ Stretch Marks And The Results Are Beautiful

All bow down to ASOS. Shopping for lingerie and swimwear online can be a pretty depressing experience; spending hours looking at perfectly airbrushed models with impossibly Barbie-esque proportions and [Read entire story]

This is How You Determine Which Primer You Should Use

And it will transform the look of your foundation. Makeup can be confusing AF. Even as a beauty editor who basically lives and breathes cosmetics, I still find myself wondering what order to apply my products in or which [Read entire story]

3 Supplements That Are Actually Hurting Your Health

Not all vitamins are made equally… Most of us wake up in the morning and pop vitamins without giving it a second thought. Given our fast-paced lifestyles, we don’t always have time to eat virtuously, so [Read entire story]

I’m Scared Of Recovering From My Eating Disorder

My eating disorder is like a safety blanket. A few years ago I went dress shopping with a friend. We were talking across dressing rooms as friends tend to do, and one of my friends mentioned her frustration with college [Read entire story]

Sydney police search for gunman after 15yo shot in head while asleep in bed

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Doctor suicides prompt calls for overhaul of mandatory reporting laws

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Gordon Wood says he felt ‘paranoid’ police would pursue him again over death of Caroline Byrne

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