‘It’s still a prison. I feel like an animal’

REACTION to the first TV crew’s story to emerge from Nauru tonight ranged from stunned to cynical. And it was a surprise to Australia’s Immigration minister. [Read entire story]

‘Dam may spill’ as heavy rain hits

THE wild weather is far from over in Sydney and southern NSW, with a major dam full to bursting as another downpour begins. [Read entire story]

Train delays, evacuations in Sydney

HOUSES on Sydney’s northern beaches are at risk of plunging into the ocean and commuters face public transport chaos as storms batter the east coast of Australia. [Read entire story]

Canberra’s arts diary from June 3

[Read entire story]

Australia is putting traffic lights in the ground because you’re glued to your phone

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Flight from Paris to Cairo disappears

UPDATED: Egyptian aviation officials say an EgyptAir plane people that disappeared from radar during a flight from Paris to Cairo most likely crashed into the sea. [Read entire story]

Shorten aids woman after car crash

ROLLING UPDATES: Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has come to the aid of a woman and child after a car accident in NSW’s Hunter Valley. [Read entire story]

Phone app as effective as the contraceptive pill: study

A fertility app for smartphones has been proven to be as effective a contraceptive as the pill, a study says. [Read entire story]

Syrian regime holds controversial election

Syrians living in areas controlled by the Assad regime are voting in parliamentary elections which have been dismissed by his opponents, the UN and the US. [Read entire story]

Parent burned in school blast

BREAKING: A woman has been taken to hospital with burns after a barbecue mishap led to reports of an explosion at a school on the NSW Central Coast. [Read entire story]

Experts slam '1940s' tax proposal

Tax experts have described Malcolm Turnbull's idea of allowing states to levy income tax as a retrograde step. [Read entire story]

Hostage relives final seconds to freedom

Sydney siege hostage Jarrod Morton-Hoffman has told an inquest how he heard friend and colleague Joel Herat scream. [Read entire story]

World’s major cities on high alert

NEW York, London, Paris and other major world capitals are on high alert and security has been ramped up big time in the wake of the attacks. [Read entire story]

Telstra boss apologises for massive outage

There will be another data-free day for Telstra customers, with about eight million being without mobile or internet services for up to four hours. [Read entire story]

'Cautious optimism': EU leaders meet on Turkey migrant deal

EU member Cyprus remains a key barrier to the bloc signing a deal under which migrants would be sent back to Turkey. [Read entire story]

Madonna pays tribute to popstar Minogue during Brisbane concert…

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March 26: Iss. 13

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Brazil's former president charged in money laundering probe

Former Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been charged over a corruption scheme centred on state-controlled oil company, Petrobras. [Read entire story]

Search for source of Sydney legionnaires' outbreak

NSW Health is trying to find the source of a legionnaires' disease outbreak that has affected four people in Sydney's CBD. [Read entire story]

Five dead in ambush-style massacre

POLICE are hunting two suspects after gunmen allegedly opened fire at a Pittsburgh backyard party, killing five and injuring several others. [Read entire story]

Rats in the ranks, chasing the PM’s tail?

A DAY after announcing police will investigate a leak of classified defence documents, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull watched a game of rats and rabbits. [Read entire story]

SA woman charged after corruption probe

AN investigation by South Australia's corruption watchdog has led to the arrest of an Adelaide woman charged with deception offences. [Read entire story]

Woman’s body found on NSW north coast

THE body of a woman, believed to be a missing Canadian national, has been found in bushland on the NSW northern coast. [Read entire story]

Flight Centre eyes China for expansion

TRAVEL company Flight Centre has boosted its first half profit by 16 per cent and is eyeing opportunities to expand in China and Europe. [Read entire story]

Leaders moved by ovarian cancer survivor

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have been touched by the story of an ovarian cancer survivor. [Read entire story]

N Korea satellite prompts Japan sanctions

JAPAN has imposed sanctions on North Korea following its satellite launch. [Read entire story]

Joint Korean factory operation suspended

NORTH Korea has had an important source of revenue cut off as the South suspends operations at a jointly-run factory following a rocket launch. [Read entire story]

ASIO chief: Australian IS fighters highly expendable

While the number of Australians fighting in Syria and Iraq has fallen, the conflicts continue to resonate here, ASIO chief Duncan Lewis says. [Read entire story]

Truckie feared dead after fiery Vic smash

POLICE will conduct forensic tests to determine if a missing truck driver involved in a fiery fatal head-on crash in Victoria died in his charred cabin. [Read entire story]

Age of terrorism suspects trending down

THE nation's security agencies remain concerned about the age of individuals on the radar in relation to terrorism, AFP commissioner Andrew Colvin says. [Read entire story]

Hickie is new Independent Legal Services commissioner

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Malek Fahd Islamic School could close after losing $20 MILLION in government funding

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Former governor-general Peter Hollingworth apologises to abuse victim

The former leader of Brisbane's Anglican church, Peter Hollingworth, admits he poorly handled a complaint of sexual abuse by a priest and has apologised to the victim. [Read entire story]

Dutch police train eagles to snatch enemy drones

Dutch police puzzling over how to remove drones that pose a public safety threat are testing a way to get the job done in one fell swoop - with trained eagles. [Read entire story]