We love our mischievous arty listeners!

Richard Glover has put out the invitation to make mischief with a selection of famous artworks and our 702 ABC Sydney listeners have responded to the call! [Read entire story]

Movieland 72: Locke, Boyhood, Kinski!

CJ reviews Locke and Boyhood and chats about Klaus Kinski. [Read entire story]

True Blue: John Williamson reflects on life in a changing Australia

Singer, songwriter John Williamson has now added author to his CV. [Read entire story]

Aztec warriors descend on Sydney

A new exhibition draws together ancient Aztec artefacts for the first time [Read entire story]

Out Of The Shoebox

Christiaan Van Vuuren was diagnosed with drug resistant tuberculosis and forced into hospital quarantine for six months. He made humorous video clips documenting his experiences in the isolation ward which went viral [Read entire story]

Out Of The Shoebox – Transcript

ABE FORSYTHE, PRESENTER: Hi, my name's Abe Forsythe. I'm an actor and director. Tonight's program is about a mate of mine who has one of the sweetest, most ridiculous and inventive comic minds I've [Read entire story]

Ashok Roy… from India with love

One of India's musical masters, Pandit Ashok Roy was a prodigious performer and an inspiring teacher. For thirty years he lived in Australia, quietly sharing his wisdom with all who crossed his path. His fame here never [Read entire story]

Canberra video game developer wins national award

A Canberra-based video game designer and philanthropist has taken out a national technology award. [Read entire story]

Collette Dinnigan

's designs have made her an international fashion icon. She talks to Richard Aedy about the end of her label. [Read entire story]

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction are a married couple who both write for Marvel Comics. [Read entire story]

Thank God It’s Friday – 29th August 2014

The best way to end the working week. This week's panel were Rebecca De Unamono, Tommy Dean and Subby Valentine [Read entire story]

Exhibition captures the essence of Ballarat photographer Stuart Campbell

A posthumous exhibition featuring black-and-white works by celebrated Ballarat photographer Stuart Campbell opens at the Ballarat Art Gallery. [Read entire story]

Chris Hadfield: The Bowie-channelling, tweeting astronaut reflects on Sydney from space

He covered David Bowie's Space Oddity while actually floating in space, and now back on earth Chris Hadfield reflects on the experience. [Read entire story]

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction

have between them been entrusted with the lives of many of the most popular superheroes. [Read entire story]

What’s on in Sydney this weekend

Get out and about to some great events in Sydney this weekend [Read entire story]

X Factor judge Redfoo glassed at Sydney hotel

X Factor judge Redfoo has been glassed at an eastern Sydney hotel overnight. [Read entire story]

Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum unveils four-year exhibition plan

Jewellery, underwear and the world's largest particle accelerator are all part of the four-year plan announced by Sydney's Powerhouse Museum. [Read entire story]

James Castrission and Justin Jones

Adventurers James Castrission and Justin Jones were the first to kayak across the Tasman sea. [Read entire story]

Akmal Saleh

Comedian Akmal Saleh went back to Egypt in 2011 to film a documentary about the country's experiences of Arab Spring. [Read entire story]

Why a film set is a ‘game park’

Australian photographer Jasin Boland reveals his iconic images for Mad Max: Fury Road and other action movies. [Read entire story]

The verdict on 5SOS’s debut

Teenage pop isn't a dirty word in the hands of Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer. [Read entire story]

One Direction’s blockbuster plans

1D are planning the world's largest "event cinema" release for their second film. [Read entire story]

The harpist who thinks really big

String player William Close is one musician who likes to think big. Very big. [Read entire story]

GoT’s Sean Bean drops spoiler

When Ned Stark's head was chopped off, most Game of Thrones fans thought they had seen the last of him. [Read entire story]

McGuire again in hot seat over Denyer

Grant Denyer is again out-rating his game show rival, but Eddie McGuire has already survived a Denyer-led coup. [Read entire story]

Seth sued for stealing Ted

Seth MacFarlane is accused of copying another hard-drinking, foul-mouthed bear. [Read entire story]

Sky news reporter swallows a fly on air

My oh my, he swallowed a fly. Sky News political editor Adam Boulton began to choke. [Read entire story]

Banning sniffer dogs ‘could be valuable’

Trialling a sniffer dog-free Splendour festival could be a valuable experiment, according experts. [Read entire story]

Is Voice biased towards men?

Fans of The Voice have questioned whether the show's live voting is biased against women. [Read entire story]

EDV Apothecary – Darlinghurst

I never touched the equipment in my high school chemistry lab for two reasons. The first was that I grew up watching The Muppets, in which Beaker, the poor schmuck of a lab assistant, inevitably gets tortured in Dr [Read entire story]

Dawn of Apes takes itself too seriously

As entertainment, this is impeccably crafted and often spectacular. Yet conceptually it's never as interesting or provocative as it could have been. [Read entire story]

360 fans convince Hopsin to tour

Fans of Melbourne rapper 360 - aka Matt Colwell - have rallied on social media to convince one of the brightest talents in American hip-hop to tour Australia in September. [Read entire story]

Sia hides in plain sight on new album

Sia writes the hits but does she want the fame? Her new album leaves the options open. [Read entire story]

Busted: Britney without Auto-Tune

It's bad, fingernails-on-chalkboard bad. [Read entire story]