Chris Hadfield: The Bowie-channelling, tweeting astronaut reflects on Sydney from space

He covered David Bowie's Space Oddity while actually floating in space, and now back on earth Chris Hadfield reflects on the experience. [Read entire story]

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction

have between them been entrusted with the lives of many of the most popular superheroes. [Read entire story]

What’s on in Sydney this weekend

Get out and about to some great events in Sydney this weekend [Read entire story]

X Factor judge Redfoo glassed at Sydney hotel

X Factor judge Redfoo has been glassed at an eastern Sydney hotel overnight. [Read entire story]

Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum unveils four-year exhibition plan

Jewellery, underwear and the world's largest particle accelerator are all part of the four-year plan announced by Sydney's Powerhouse Museum. [Read entire story]

James Castrission and Justin Jones

Adventurers James Castrission and Justin Jones were the first to kayak across the Tasman sea. [Read entire story]

Akmal Saleh

Comedian Akmal Saleh went back to Egypt in 2011 to film a documentary about the country's experiences of Arab Spring. [Read entire story]

Why a film set is a ‘game park’

Australian photographer Jasin Boland reveals his iconic images for Mad Max: Fury Road and other action movies. [Read entire story]

The verdict on 5SOS’s debut

Teenage pop isn't a dirty word in the hands of Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer. [Read entire story]

One Direction’s blockbuster plans

1D are planning the world's largest "event cinema" release for their second film. [Read entire story]

The harpist who thinks really big

String player William Close is one musician who likes to think big. Very big. [Read entire story]

GoT’s Sean Bean drops spoiler

When Ned Stark's head was chopped off, most Game of Thrones fans thought they had seen the last of him. [Read entire story]

McGuire again in hot seat over Denyer

Grant Denyer is again out-rating his game show rival, but Eddie McGuire has already survived a Denyer-led coup. [Read entire story]

Seth sued for stealing Ted

Seth MacFarlane is accused of copying another hard-drinking, foul-mouthed bear. [Read entire story]

Sky news reporter swallows a fly on air

My oh my, he swallowed a fly. Sky News political editor Adam Boulton began to choke. [Read entire story]

Banning sniffer dogs ‘could be valuable’

Trialling a sniffer dog-free Splendour festival could be a valuable experiment, according experts. [Read entire story]

Is Voice biased towards men?

Fans of The Voice have questioned whether the show's live voting is biased against women. [Read entire story]

EDV Apothecary – Darlinghurst

I never touched the equipment in my high school chemistry lab for two reasons. The first was that I grew up watching The Muppets, in which Beaker, the poor schmuck of a lab assistant, inevitably gets tortured in Dr [Read entire story]

Dawn of Apes takes itself too seriously

As entertainment, this is impeccably crafted and often spectacular. Yet conceptually it's never as interesting or provocative as it could have been. [Read entire story]

360 fans convince Hopsin to tour

Fans of Melbourne rapper 360 - aka Matt Colwell - have rallied on social media to convince one of the brightest talents in American hip-hop to tour Australia in September. [Read entire story]

Sia hides in plain sight on new album

Sia writes the hits but does she want the fame? Her new album leaves the options open. [Read entire story]

Busted: Britney without Auto-Tune

It's bad, fingernails-on-chalkboard bad. [Read entire story]

Netflix hunts people to watch TV

Yes, this is for real: Netflix is advertising for people to watch TV for a living. [Read entire story]

Neighborhood Bar – Bondi Beach

As a pretentious alcoholic snob who (perhaps deludedly) thinks he makes the best cocktails this side of Hades, I rarely order cocktails in bars unless they’re really special. Unless, for example, someone else is [Read entire story]

Monty Python ‘rest on reputation’

Early reviews for the reunited Monty Python crew shared one common criticism. [Read entire story]

Queues for GoT exhibition

Forget winter, a long wait is coming for Game of Thrones fans. [Read entire story]

Is it art? Risking death for death metal

Music isn’t usually life or death, even if you call your stuff death metal. [Read entire story]

Robin Thicke hijacked by critics

The controversial singer was taken to task by thousands of furious Twitter users for his creepy approach to women. [Read entire story]

Pitt ready for war’s end in Fury

The first trailer for the WW2 drama Fury shows Brad Pitt revisiting the territory of Inglourious Basterds with far more serious intent. [Read entire story]

Jim Bell

This week features conversations from the Outer Limits - today: planetary scientist Jim Bell. [Read entire story]

Play inspired by a backyard horror

NEW Aussie play Dreams in White is inspired by story of Herman Rockefeller, whose body was found in the suburban backyard of a couple he met through the swingers’ scene. [Read entire story]

From the cradle to the depraved

ADULT villainy is bad enough. But how much more sinister is cunning and depravity when embodied by an over-sized baby? [Read entire story]