A letter from a mother leads the latest University of New England campaign

The University of New England has released its latest ad campaign which details the story of a young girl’s life narrated through a written letter from her late mother. The letter encourages the young girl to adapt [Read entire story]

‘What happened to Kings Cross Wax Works?’

"Dark, dusty and suitably spooky", is how many would remember the Kings Cross Wax Works, first opened in the heart of what was a lively central hub in 1960s Sydney. Curious Sydney looks into the history of an unusual [Read entire story]

Actress Rachel Griffiths says ‘Geoffrey Rush is no Harvey Weinstein’

In light of the sexual harassment storm which has hit the entertainment industry, actress Rachel Griffiths takes to the red carpet at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards to say "women have had [Read entire story]

The Question of Why Oscar Pistorius Killed Reeva Steenkamp Is Still a Mystery Open to Endless Interpretation

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Here’s Proof That Jesse Tyler Ferguson Is Basically a Professional Wedding Guest

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Australia’s longest-running motoring magazine launches redesign, claiming ‘print’s not dead’

South Australian motoring magazine samotor has launched a redesign, with samotor editor Jane Woodhams claiming “print’s not dead”. She said: “A readership survey revealed that more than half of samotor [Read entire story]

‘Quit smoking and quit the crap that goes with it’ says NSW and Victoria cancer council campaign

The Cancer Institute NSW and Cancer Council Victoria have joined forces for a new campaign which urges smokers to quit by highlighting the negative aspects of the habit. From being embarrassed to give a hug to having bad [Read entire story]


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Theatresports Cranston Cup Grand Final

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Ariel Winter Shared Another Intense Workout In A Barely-There Outfit

Ariel Winter shows off her workout regimen on the reg to her almost 4 million Instagram followers. [Read entire story]

‘Dance Moms’ Star Maesi Caes Slays With The Most Epic Splits Dance Move

Maesi Caes is only 12 years old and is already slaying the dance scene! [Read entire story]

Former MLB Pitcher Roy Halladay Has Died At 40

Officials have confirmed that Roy Halladay was killed in a plane crash off the coast of Florida. MLB members and fans have flooded social media with tributes to Halladay. The beloved baseball player will be missed and is [Read entire story]

Rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Fats Domino dead at 89

Fats Domino, the rock 'n' roll legend behind hits Blueberry Hill and Ain't It a Shame, dies at 89. [Read entire story]

Brisbane family get a shock as python grabs possum by face, hoists it into tree

A Brisbane family watched in amazement as a giant python spent half an hour with its jaws clamped around a possum's snout as it hoisted the animal into a treetop. [Read entire story]

Uma Thurman Gets Emotional About Women Speaking Out On Sexual Harassment In Hollywood

Uma Thurman opened up to Access Hollywood about the number of women speaking out against sexual harassment in Hollywood during a red carpet interview for "The Parisian Woman" in New York City. See Uma’s emotional [Read entire story]

Molotov Comedy

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ITS 3rd Birthday Festival of Shows

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Kate Winslet & Director James Cameron Reunite For ‘Avatar’ Sequel

LOS ANGELES (AP) — It's a titanic reunion — Kate Winslet is joining the "Avatar" franchise, reuniting the actress with "Titanic" director James Cameron. [Read entire story]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Birthday Gym Pic With Son, Joseph Baena

Arnold Schwarzenegger wished his son, Joseph Baena, a happy 20th birthday the best way he knows how -- with a cute photo of them working out together.  [Read entire story]

Marc Anthony Kicks Off His Birthday at Jennifer Lopez’s Las Vegas Show

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Emmy Awards 2017 Winners: The Complete List

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The full list of 2017 Emmys nominees (and seven things you didn’t know about them)

The Emmys are gearing up to recognise the best of the best on the small screen for another year. Here's the full list of the 2017 nominees. [Read entire story]

Clowns march on Washington to protest ‘gang’ classification

More than 1,000 fans of the rap duo Insane Clown Posse, known as "Juggalos" rally in Washington to protest the FBI's classification of them as a gang, putting them in the same classification as overtly violent US gangs [Read entire story]

Actor Harry Dean Stanton Dies at 91

Harry Dean Stanton died Friday of natural causes at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Take a look back at his most memorable roles from "Big Love" to "Pretty In Pink" to "Twin Peaks." [Read entire story]

Emmy Awards Style: 8 Polarizing Looks From Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga & More

Emmy Awards style always gives us something to talk about! From Jennifer Aniston's dreadlocks to Lady Gaga's unique peekAccessHollywood.com rounds up eight of the most memorable looks from television's biggest night. [Read entire story]

YouTube Star PewDiePie Apologizes After Using Racial Slur Online

YouTube star Felix Kjellberg (SHEHL'-burg), who goes by the online name PewDiePie, says he regrets using the "n-word" during a video live stream, saying he was an "idiot". [Read entire story]

Rebel Wilson Wins Millions In Defamation Case

A judge has awarded Rebel Wilson 4.56 million Australian dollars ($3.66 million) in damages over magazine articles she said cost her roles in Hollywood films. [Read entire story]

Where to drink in Byron Bay

Let’s be blunt: no one goes to Byron Bay for its bars. Yet while drinking here once meant necking a beer near a bikie or sculling a tinny on the beach, these days you have your pick of great bars to choose from. My top [Read entire story]

Jamie Foxx, Reese Witherspoon and More Stars Set to Participate in Hurricane Harvey Relief Telethon

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Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Donates $1 Million to Support Victims of Hurricane Harvey

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Reese Witherspoon On Her Upcoming Role In ‘The Mindy Project’

On the red carpet at the "Home Again" premiere, Reese Witherspoon talks with Access Hollywood's Alex Hudgens about her upcoming role in "The Mindy Project." Plus, she discusses why she loves starring in rom-coms. "Home [Read entire story]

Joel Osteen Responds To Hurricane Harvey Backlash, Blames ‘False Narrative’

Joel Osteen is defending the decision not to open his Houston megachurch as a shelter during the initial flooding from Harvey in the face of withering criticism on social media. [Read entire story]

Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Lopez & More Stars Pledge To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Celebrities are rallying to help Hurricane Harvey victims, and Kevin Hart is leading the way. The comedy superstar called on his fellow stars to aid relief efforts in Houston, and Dwayne Johnson was the first to respond! [Read entire story]

MTV VMAs: How Many People Watched?

No longer the event it was when Eminem ruled the charts, the MTV Video Music Awards tallied 5.68 million viewers across 10 different networks on Sunday for a show dominated by Kendrick Lamar's coro... [Read entire story]