Tenancy agreements should make better use of technology

Legislation covering residential tenancy agreements in New South Wales should be updated to make better use of changing technologies according to one real estate body [Read entire story]

Rate rises, slow wage growth causes decline in housing affordability

The out-of-cycle interest rate hikes levied by Australian lenders during November led to deterioration of housing affordability across a number of real estate markets according to one lobby group. [Read entire story]

WA Excerpt from the 2016 February Market report

Most investors are aware of Perth’s prevailing reputation as a declining property market – but it’s not enough to prevent determined bargain hunters from diving right in [Read entire story]

VIC Excerpt from the 2016 February Market report

There’s no denying that 2015 was a busy and profitable year for Melbourne’s property market, but will 2016 deliver the same financial rewards? [Read entire story]

Commercial real estate proving a popular choice for foreign buyers

While much of the recent focus on foreign real estate investors has been on their activity in the residential sector, it appears Australian real estate of all shapes and sizes is popular with offshore buyers [Read entire story]

WA set to move ahead with strata legislation overhaul

New legislation covering strata agreements in WA likely to be introduced to parliament mid-year [Read entire story]

How to discover which suburbs will give you the highest yield.

These reports provide the latest rental growth and stock analysis data at a nationwide and state level, showing which suburbs are ripe for investment so you can maximise your investment profit potential! [Read entire story]

Top 10 mistakes investors make in claiming tax deductions

Just because you may be able to claim expenses on your investment property doesn’t mean you can claim any cost as a tax deduction. Eddie Chung explains. [Read entire story]

Perth market shows signs of stabilisation

Considered a no-go zone by many in recent times, one Australian capital city is now appearing on the radar of "astute investors" [Read entire story]

Agency falls foul over rental income guarantees

A Western Australia based real estate agency has fallen on the wrong side of the state’s Department of Commerce in relation to advertisements it made about properties for sale [Read entire story]

Benefits of long term property investing

Successful investment is often about good timing. Anyone that has lived through the fluctuating cycle knows that investment timeframes can ultimately determine the potential of an investment. Professional investors will [Read entire story]

Location Location Location – The Investors Guide

The one statement that has consistently been associated with investor success, so much so that even a TV show was named after it, is “Location, Location, Location”. Most investors will know full well the importance of [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2016 January Market report

Another year, another political knifing. Will the ‘Turnbull effect’ bode well for the Canberran property market in the lead-up to 2016’s federal election, and beyond? [Read entire story]

WA Excerpt from the 2016 January Market report

The end of the mining boom has hit Western Australia hard – and the worst could well be yet to come [Read entire story]

Don’t lose out to party season, landlords urged

Landlords have been reminded to take the necessary precautions to prevent them starting the new year with a property headache [Read entire story]

Victorian couple to stand trial on property fraud charges

A Victorian couple have been committed to stand trial on charges of fraud relating to property deals in Australia and the United States. [Read entire story]

Auction volumes fall away after record year

The lead up to Christmas has seen auction volumes take a tumble after five straight weeks of more than 3,000 being scheduled [Read entire story]

NSW almost debt free thanks to stamp duty

Calls for stamp duty to be abolished after NSW government announces $800 million windfall, but one tax expert believes it's here to stay [Read entire story]

Buyer’s agents key in smart property investment

Purchasing an investment property is a beneficial avenue to financial security. Australians have identified the prosperous nature of real estate and the long-term advantage property investment affords. However securing [Read entire story]

Real estate agent predicts people could walk away from deposits

Real estate agency predicts people could walk away from deposits next year, as purchases become too risky in 2016 [Read entire story]

Home ownership put ahead of other life goals

It seems the Australian dream of home ownership is still alive and well, with results from a new survey revealing many people are putting owning their own home well before other life goals. [Read entire story]

Game Plan: How to start investing in your ’50s

After a marriage break-up some years ago, and having just recently finished paying financial support for his now adult children, David is looking at kick-starting a property portfolio to secure his retirement. To help [Read entire story]

Issues you need to consider before investing with others

Investing with other people could help you kick start your property portfolio and even fast-track it. But there are issues you need to be aware of when buying with others. Eddie Chung explains [Read entire story]

Changing conditions slow Chinese interest in Australian real estate

The head of a major real estate franchise believes prices in one area of Australia are becoming too "compelling" for Chinese buyers to ignore [Read entire story]

Perth housing at its most affordable in more than a decade

Housing in one capital city is much more affordable compared to the national average, however buyers don't seem to in any hurry to be involved in its property market [Read entire story]

Capital gains tax pitfalls that could get you in trouble

One of the most important CGT issues you need to be aware of is that a capital gain is always generated on the date of exchange. Therefore, a property owner should take this into consideration when selling so that a [Read entire story]

How to avoid the tax traps that could get you audited by the ATO

There are not many things as nerve-wracking and stressful as when the ATO comes knocking and demanding to see your books. To prepare you for such an event, Angelo Panagopoulos lists some practical and time-tested [Read entire story]

First Sydney Metro project to bring more than 13,000 new homes

Three suburbs in one capital city will see tens of thousands of new homes, many of them high rise units, built around the first leg of a major infrastructure project. [Read entire story]

Australians reminded of dangers of overseas investing

Investors looking at overseas property have been reminded to do their research after a spruiker fled the country owing hundreds of thousands of dollars [Read entire story]

Nine property market reports – yours free

This free pack of nine Property Market: Movers and Faders suburb reports, valued at $891, contain the in-depth data and insight that can help you make better property investing decisions. [Read entire story]

NSW Excerpt from the 2015 December Market report

Boom time is officially over as Sydney enters a new phase of the cycle. But don’t expect prices to fall any time soon [Read entire story]

Head to Head: Ian Hosking-Richards

YIP's Phil McCarroll sits down with Ian Hosking-Richards of Rocket Property Group to discuss his top tips for today's investors. [Read entire story]

Vacancy rates still tight across Sydney

Migration to Sydney is helping fill the current wave of supply coming online [Read entire story]

How to buy your first Sydney property.

It seems so hard to find the deposit for a Sydney property which could be up to $200,000. [Read entire story]