ACT Excerpt from the 2017 April Market report

Canberra’s inner-city property market continues to deliver [Read entire story]

WA Excerpt from the 2017 March Market report

First home buyers capitalise on affordable properties [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2017 March Market report

Improved conditions see more capital gains in the housing market [Read entire story]

Aussies expect housing affordability to deteriorate

The rising cost of housing in the capital cities is eroding business confidence and consumer spending in these areas [Read entire story]

Property professionals “very optimistic” about 2017

Expect growth and healthy returns despite potential setbacks and market uncertainties [Read entire story]

Finding the Next Big Boom Town – Before Anyone Else

The word ‘research’ is thrown around a lot in the property investment field. But what do true researchers look for when they investigate whether a suburb or region is primed for growth? Todd Hunter from wHeregroup shares [Read entire story]

Hot Buying Trends for 2017

The year 2016 will be remembered for widely diverse real estate trends throughout Australia. Now, investors want to know: what buying trends will drive the market forward in 2017? Rich Harvey from Propertybuyer shares [Read entire story]

The 8K Unit Reno To Rule Them All

The key to securing top dollar for your property is a smart and simple renovation, according to David Kaity, who transformed an entire apartment for just over $8,000. [Read entire story]

WA Excerpt from the 2017 February Market report

Prices fell over the September 2016 quarter, plunging Perth to its lowest point since 2013 [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2017 February Market report

Economic stability strengthens the property market across Canberra [Read entire story]

Planning reforms aim to boost NSW’s housing supply

New red tape-busting planning reforms have been released by the NSW government. These planning reforms aim to make the planning system more efficient. [Read entire story]

New Sydney Metro line approved but urban renewal lags behind

While the planning approval of the Sydney Metro from Chatswood to Sydenham spells good news for commuters, urban development is lagging behind [Read entire story]

4 Renovation tips to drive six-figure profits

Property developer and renovator Jo Chivers has turned her hand to dozens of real estate projects, both personally and on behalf of her clients. She shares her top four tips for a profile renovation when transforming an [Read entire story]

The insider’s guide to choosing a good accountant

How do you find a qualified, competent tax expert to help you maximise your property portfolio? Eddie Chung shares his tips for finding a trusted advisor who can help you weather the ups and downs of your property [Read entire story]

SA Excerpt from the 2017 January Market report

South Australia’s upswing continues as property values increase, both in the metro area and regionally. [Read entire story]

NSW Excerpt from the 2017 January Market report

An increase in population sparks demand, prompting prices to skyrocket [Read entire story]

A summary of the 2016 housing market

According to CoreLogic’s Tim Lawless, the words that best describe the 2016 Australian housing market are “diverse” and “complex” [Read entire story]

Christmas can leave landlords thousands of dollars out of pocket

While the holiday season is meant for gift giving and celebrating with family and friends, it’s also a season that leaves many landlords thousands of dollars out of pocket [Read entire story]

More young people choosing property investment over home ownership

According to the latest data, many young people are choosing to invest in property instead of purchasing homes [Read entire story]

Median house and unit prices slip in Brisbane during the September quarter

The quarterly median house price and quarterly median unit price in Brisbane LGA slipped fractionally in the September quarter [Read entire story]

WA Excerpt from the 2016 December Market report

The increasing supply of rental properties continues to place downward pressure on investor returns [Read entire story]

VIC Excerpt from the 2016 December Market report

With an average vacancy rate for houses of just 1.5%, Melbourne is currently recording its tightest rental market in over two years [Read entire story]

Home renovations continue to boost capital city housing markets

Although national renovation activity declined over the September quarter, home improvement continues to add a significant boost to capital city housing markets [Read entire story]

The ‘insidious’ problem of meth-contaminated properties

Before purchasing a new property, consider having it tested for meth contamination as it's revealed the numbers of users has tripled in the past five years [Read entire story]

New data shows a dramatic jump in apartment approvals in NSW

New data shows a dramatic jump in apartment approvals in New South Wales; however, there’s been a slowing down of home approvals across the rest of Australia [Read entire story]

Oversupply of new dwellings in Sydney and Brisbane by 2018

A new report by one of Australia’s most respected property analysts indicates there will be an oversupply of dwellings in Sydney and Brisbane by 2018 [Read entire story]

Negative Gearing 101: How would you cope if it were nixed?

After a political standoff almost saw negative gearing legislation drastically changed in Australia, may investors began worrying about their property portfolios. We asked Sam Saggers from Positive Real Estate to explain [Read entire story]

Finding the Renovation Sweet Spot: $40K-Plus Profit

The love of renovation is still running strong, with many Australians taking up renovating as an opportunity to turn a profit.  Here, renovator Naomi Findlay reveals how she transformed a home in a matter of weeks, [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2016 November Market report

A good employment market and low interest rates facilitate the national capital’s positive performance [Read entire story]

NSW Excerpt from the 2016 November Market report

In what might be a sign of things to come, Sydney’s annual growth rate has dropped [Read entire story]

The Benefits of Investing with Quest Properties

While serviced apartment investments won’t be for everyone (is any investment ‘one size fits all’?), there is much more to serviced apartments that make them an attractive option for many investors, especially those [Read entire story]

Borrowers ‘stretching the truth’ in home loan applications

A new survey of home buyers by UBS revealed that more than one in four home loan borrowers aren’t completely honest when applying for a mortgage. [Read entire story]

Resales of off-the-plan Sydney units pick up

Steep rises in value during the construction period have prompted many buyers of off-the-plan Sydney apartments to resell their units, earning profits of as much as 40%. [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2016 October Market report

Over the 2016 June quarter, Canberra’s growth performance exceeded that of other Australian capitals [Read entire story]