More young people choosing property investment over home ownership

According to the latest data, many young people are choosing to invest in property instead of purchasing homes [Read entire story]

Median house and unit prices slip in Brisbane during the September quarter

The quarterly median house price and quarterly median unit price in Brisbane LGA slipped fractionally in the September quarter [Read entire story]

WA Excerpt from the 2016 December Market report

The increasing supply of rental properties continues to place downward pressure on investor returns [Read entire story]

VIC Excerpt from the 2016 December Market report

With an average vacancy rate for houses of just 1.5%, Melbourne is currently recording its tightest rental market in over two years [Read entire story]

Home renovations continue to boost capital city housing markets

Although national renovation activity declined over the September quarter, home improvement continues to add a significant boost to capital city housing markets [Read entire story]

The ‘insidious’ problem of meth-contaminated properties

Before purchasing a new property, consider having it tested for meth contamination as it's revealed the numbers of users has tripled in the past five years [Read entire story]

New data shows a dramatic jump in apartment approvals in NSW

New data shows a dramatic jump in apartment approvals in New South Wales; however, there’s been a slowing down of home approvals across the rest of Australia [Read entire story]

Oversupply of new dwellings in Sydney and Brisbane by 2018

A new report by one of Australia’s most respected property analysts indicates there will be an oversupply of dwellings in Sydney and Brisbane by 2018 [Read entire story]

Negative Gearing 101: How would you cope if it were nixed?

After a political standoff almost saw negative gearing legislation drastically changed in Australia, may investors began worrying about their property portfolios. We asked Sam Saggers from Positive Real Estate to explain [Read entire story]

Finding the Renovation Sweet Spot: $40K-Plus Profit

The love of renovation is still running strong, with many Australians taking up renovating as an opportunity to turn a profit.  Here, renovator Naomi Findlay reveals how she transformed a home in a matter of weeks, [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2016 November Market report

A good employment market and low interest rates facilitate the national capital’s positive performance [Read entire story]

NSW Excerpt from the 2016 November Market report

In what might be a sign of things to come, Sydney’s annual growth rate has dropped [Read entire story]

The Benefits of Investing with Quest Properties

While serviced apartment investments won’t be for everyone (is any investment ‘one size fits all’?), there is much more to serviced apartments that make them an attractive option for many investors, especially those [Read entire story]

Borrowers ‘stretching the truth’ in home loan applications

A new survey of home buyers by UBS revealed that more than one in four home loan borrowers aren’t completely honest when applying for a mortgage. [Read entire story]

Resales of off-the-plan Sydney units pick up

Steep rises in value during the construction period have prompted many buyers of off-the-plan Sydney apartments to resell their units, earning profits of as much as 40%. [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2016 October Market report

Over the 2016 June quarter, Canberra’s growth performance exceeded that of other Australian capitals [Read entire story]

NSW Excerpt from the 2016 October Market report

Growth and consumer confidence are just two of the factors supporting Sydney’s excellent performance [Read entire story]

Top Tips for Buying Now

We reached out to a number of leading real estate experts for their insider tips on how to get the best value when buying in the current market [Read entire story]

BIS Shrapnel predicts ‘substantial’ housing correction

A “substantial correction” is looming for the Australian property market as it faces a housing oversupply crisis, according to a new report. [Read entire story]

Median property prices approach $700,000

The average median price for houses across the nation rose by 2.1% over the June quarter, according to the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA). [Read entire story]

Housing affordability improves over June quarter

The latest REIA Housing Affordability Report showed that the proportion of median family income required to meet average loan repayments has dropped to 29.4% over the June quarter. [Read entire story]

South Sydney continues to attract real estate investors

Investors continue to capitalise on the future rental growth and capital value of South Sydney’s real estate market – now regarded as one of the most covetred inner-city business hubs. [Read entire story]

Bargain Hunting: ‘The Only Way To Invest’

Last issue, Jeremy Sheppard warned property investors about the risks of chasing bargain properties. This month, buyer’s agent Todd Hunter makes a case for bargain hunting in the extreme, a strategy he believes is “the [Read entire story]

Asset Protection: The little-known secret weapon of successful investors

What do the most successful property investors have in common? They prepare for the best but also plan for the worst, with a clear asset protection strategy that protects them and their investment for decades to come. [Read entire story]

NSW Excerpt from the 2016 September Market report

As with most Australian cities, one the biggest risks in Sydney’s real estate market concerns fears of a new unit oversupply [Read entire story]

ACT Excerpt from the 2016 September Market report

Low interest and unemployment rates continue to underpin the ACT property market [Read entire story]

Beware the Pitfalls of the Principle Place of Residence Exemption and the 6-Year Absence Rule

As some of the readers may be aware, the Tax Office allows taxpayers who have lived in a property as the principle place of residence to subsequently rent that property out for a period of 6-years and as long as they [Read entire story]

Saving for the future: diversifying your investments

There are many wealth creation models you can choose from to increase your personal finances and for some, they believe the answer lies in diversification. They like to spread investments between super, shares, property [Read entire story]

Federal Court sides with ASIC against WA developer

A West Australian-based property developer has had to surrender her passport as ASIC continues their investigation into a property investment scheme in the Pilbara that is linked to Jamie McIntyre [Read entire story]

"Rogue tenants" targeting private landlords

Landlords opting to self-manage their rental properties are putting themselves at risk of being targeted by problem tenants who would not pass the background checks conducted by professional property managers. [Read entire story]

Investors hit the market following RBA cut

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s May interest rate cut looks to have pumped air into Australia’s investment market, with figures showing investment lending jumped during June [Read entire story]

NAB predicts 1% cash rate within 12 months

Australia’s central bank will cut interest rates to 1% within a year to combat weak inflation and rising unemployment, according to NAB's chief economist [Read entire story]

Low-Income Earners Can Invest in Property

In the quest to grow wealth and improve our lot in life, buying our first investment property is both exciting and nerve-racking. Smartline’s Michelle Schaafsma explains how low-income earners can get their feet on the [Read entire story]

Cash Is King: What you need to know about investing in cash flow properties

One of the many benefits of investing in property is the full control you have over your investments. Here we show you how a cash flow strategy can benefit first-time investors. [Read entire story]