Andrew Robb first Abbott government minister to publicly back GST expansion

Trade Minister Andrew Robb has outed himself as a supporter of expanding the GST in what could be the first obvious sign of a concerted campaign underway within the highest levels of the Abbott government to tackle the [Read entire story]

The woman in ‘Window 4’

For 16 hours, a TV cameraman and a police sniper did their best to track the siege gunman. What they saw shocked both of them. [Read entire story]

Iran ‘sought gunman’s extradition’

Police chief says Australia rebuffed attempts to have Man Haron Monis returned. [Read entire story]

How siege reached its awful end

The hostages seized their chance. But as they made for the exit, their captor roused - and turned his fury on one man. [Read entire story]

Why police sniper didn’t shoot gunman

The hostage-taker appeared unobstructed at the cafe window. Here's why marksmen didn't take the shot. [Read entire story]

Storms hit again: new warning

Latest storm cells bring rain and strong wind gusts to the city. But a change is on the way. [Read entire story]

Red fire ant outbreak in Sydney

Fears the colony of potentially deadly insects will spread costing the economy billions. [Read entire story]

I lost when man bought child a house

Comment: One student got an early Christmas, I lost out at auction again. I blame negative gearing. [Read entire story]

Thrillseeker killed in North Head cliff fall

Gareth was on a seemingly innocuous jaunt when he died. Weeks ago, he leapt from one of Asia's tallest buildings. [Read entire story]

Moving scenes at Sean’s comeback

Fast bowler Sean Abbott returns to the nets with photographers capturing his every move. [Read entire story]

Bird’s wedding disgrace

NRL star's Byron Bay marriage to Becky Rochow was celebrated by a host of rugby league identities. The day after it turned stupid. [Read entire story]

PM’s sneaky baby backflip

Analysis: PM's most pressing problem is his trust deficit with voters. This made it worse. [Read entire story]

‘Let’s kick Joe’ fest hurting Australia

Comment: It's wrong to suggest the Treasurer Joe Hockey is the problem. [Read entire story]

Coalition ‘not a happy family’

Coalition MPs have been left to find out their own party policy in the papers, and they're not happy about it. [Read entire story]

It’s not you Tony, it’s us

Comment: We expect instant results from everything, including our politicians. [Read entire story]

PM backs down on parental leave

High income mothers set to miss out as PM 'refines' his signature policy. [Read entire story]

25 texts before Gary died

When Gary went missing, one man knew where he was heading. He threw his phone away. [Read entire story]

‘Cruel’: survivors fleeced of $400,000

Woman and her four children had already lost everything. Then they met a 'heartless' man. [Read entire story]

Moving email sent to Aussie team

Coach's email shows amazing compassion and care. At its heart is a powerful message. [Read entire story]

Mason embarrassed by win

Rugby league star apologises after scoring a contentious heavyweight boxing victory. [Read entire story]

‘Our dressing room will never be the same’

Michael Clarke breaks down while reading statement for the Australian team on the death of Phillip Hughes. [Read entire story]

Dark side of a spiritual movement

A Central Coast yoga ashram seemed like paradise to Sanatan Saraswati, but what he found was 'rotten'. [Read entire story]

‘Big mistake’: sacked ABC journalist hits out at cuts

Quentin Dempster announces his show has been axed and says he plans to go out with a bang. [Read entire story]

Schoolies drink and ink

One got a 3-line verse with grammatical error. Another had "Schoolies 2014 Bali" scrawled across backside. [Read entire story]

Farewell on hallowed ground

Exact spot where tragedy began was where those who loved Phillip Hughes most said goodbye. [Read entire story]

‘Rudd all over again’: resentment in government ranks

Comment: Tony Abbott isn't even halfway through term but panic is rising. [Read entire story]

Coalition’s secret plan to control ABC

Leaked copy of review raises spectre of political interference and charges for using services. [Read entire story]

‘I knew I was lucky to be alive’

Standing in the ocean pool at Bondi, screaming frantically, Tina was certain she had lost two children. [Read entire story]

Does Johnson bowl a bouncer?

Last summer, there wouldn't have been a question. But last summer suddenly feels like a long time ago. [Read entire story]

‘You can’t drive away in the hearse’

It was a dramatic farewell that his family says would have appealed to Sydney man's sense of humour. [Read entire story]

Phillip’s agonising wait: ambulance boss under fire

He was so sick he needed CPR but it took 2 calls to triple-0 for paramedics to reach Phillip Hughes. [Read entire story]

Critical: Hughes battles catastrophic brain bleed

Family gathers at bedside as cricketer spends second night in coma after freak accident. [Read entire story]

In this case, there are no ‘what ifs’

Comment: There are no lessons to be learnt. There's nothing here but tragedy. [Read entire story]

Selective reading of facts is hypocrisy

Comment: The government has had immense success in stopping the boats. [Read entire story]