What would you do with $100k?

THEY are often typecast as frivolous with money or spoiled, but a survey has found that millennials are more focused on finance than smashed avocado. [Read entire story]

These guys are not exactly ‘dole bludgers’

DOCTORS from a top Australian university say they too were hit with erroneous Centrelink debt notices — and even a PhD can’t sort out the mess. [Read entire story]

Kiss Christmas card debt goodbye

OPINION: OK call me the Christmas Grinch. But before you get into anymore debt, now is the perfect time to think about your festive spending habits. [Read entire story]

Aussie motorists played for fuels

THE fabled holiday petrol price hike could be a reality as the ACCC says petrol companies may be deliberately increasing prices before the break. [Read entire story]

Insure we have a fighting chance

THE head of the world’s leading finance product comparison website has urged Aussie politicians to give consumers the tools to combat ‘extremely powerful’ insurers and banks. [Read entire story]

Rare blue diamond sells for $17 million

YOU’D be too scared to wear it down the street, but a seriously rich buyer has snapped up this rare blue diamond ring for $17 million. [Read entire story]

Homeowners take on too much debt

OVERCOMMITTED home loan customers are worried about meeting their repayments despite interest rates being at record lows. [Read entire story]

Why it’s unwise to fear the doomsayers

SOMEONE is always saying that the end of the financial world is coming. Learning how to ignore them is a key part of long-term investment success. [Read entire story]

ScoMo-mentum achieved as super rich hit

A DEAL that goes after tax breaks for Australian millionaires is fuelling the ScoMo-mentum of the Turnbull Government’s recovery plan. [Read entire story]

Business owners can’t afford retirement

OPTIMISM and confidence are positive traits of many small business owners, but may be damaging their chances of retiring comfortably. [Read entire story]

How to claim your lost $10,000

AUSSIES are sitting on a whopping $12 billion pot of “lost” cash averaging $10,000 each. Claiming your share is easy. [Read entire story]

ATO reveals dodgiest deductions

TEMPTED to claim some questionable deductions on your tax return this year? You might want to rethink that strategy. [Read entire story]

Rates low yet stress stays high

WITH interest rates at record lows home loan customers are still struggling to meet repayments and reveal why they don’t change loans. [Read entire story]

Baby-faced Duke inherits billions

MEET the new party-loving Duke of Westminster. Aged just 25, he is worth $17 billion and owns more of Britain than the Queen. [Read entire story]

Toyota’s embarrassing letter fail

TOYOTA has been forced to admit it has been selling a completely worthless product in this embarrassing letter to customers. [Read entire story]

Better ways to spend your house deposit

IF YOU don’t already own your home, chances are you’re madly saving to buy one. But could your hard earned cash be better invested elsewhere? [Read entire story]

Super funds deliver small returns

SUPERANNUATION funds delivered their lowest returns in four years, and the top performing funds holding Australian nest eggs may surprise you. [Read entire story]

Avoid blowing the holiday budget

TRAVELLERS about to embark on an overseas journey need to set off with a budget in tow or risk returning with a holiday hangover. [Read entire story]

Super funds lose cash after Brexit

BREXIT-triggered falls on sharemarkets in Australia have cast a cloud over the potential for positive super fund returns. [Read entire story]

Tax hit list: What the ATO is targeting

BE VERY careful when you do your taxes this year, because the ATO is determined to stop you from claiming those sneaky deductions. [Read entire story]

How to invest beyond your own backyard

THE best property investment is unlikely to be in the same suburb you live in, or possibly even the same city. [Read entire story]

Dire warning for Aussie dollar

IT GOES against everything we’ve been told about our “robust” economy, but the Australian dollar is about to take a massive hit. [Read entire story]

Tax office says goodbye to e-tax

MILLIONS of Australians who choose DIY tax returns will have only one choice when tax time starts in less than a month. [Read entire story]

Here’s what appliances should cost

ARE you getting ripped off on your home appliances? Before you splash out hundreds of dollars in an end-of-year sale, check this list. [Read entire story]

Spending warning on low rates

RISING house prices and record low interest rates are tempting more Aussies to use their home loans to pay for cars and holidays, with costly consequences. [Read entire story]

Disputed lotto share ‘frozen’

THE disputed share of a winning $40 million Powerball ticket has been set aside until a court has ruled on the case. [Read entire story]

Powerball feud: ‘See you in court’

THE battle over a $40m jackpot will head to court today amid allegations the ticket-holder’s son got a share of the winnings. [Read entire story]

‘Biggest rip-off’: How you can save an easy $600

AUSSIE banks are ranked third worst in the world for this particular rip-off. But here’s how you can get around it. [Read entire story]

What’s keeping you from riches

IF YOU’RE under 35, chances are you’re traumatised and you’re failing to invest in something that could make you really rich. [Read entire story]

Short memory, Malcolm?

THE PM’S proposal to let states set tax rates is as dangerous now as it was in 1978 when Neville Wran successfully used it against them. [Read entire story]

Refugee uses pension to fund holidays

A REFUGEE poster boy who used his disability support pension to take 16 overseas holidays has had his payments cancelled. [Read entire story]

Silver bullet for a super retirement

CHICAGO-based fund manager Mellody Hobson says better education about money is the key to improving retirement savings here and overseas. [Read entire story]

Health hikes worse than petrol

THE latest health insurance hike is about to make the cost of cover a heftier hit than petrol for the first time on record. [Read entire story]

No one has the guts for tax reform

EVERYONE knows there has to be tax reform but no one will actually do it for fear of voter backlash. But these are some of the issues that are up for debate. [Read entire story]