Hilarious Channel 7 gaffe goes viral

MELBOURNE jogger Erica O’Donnell has gone viral after delivering the ultimate gaffe during a vox pop interview with Channel Seven. [Read entire story]

Dave Hughes takes on Sam Kekovich

HE’S been the King of the Australia Day lamb ads for years, but has Dave “Hughesy” Hughes finally dethroned Lambassador Sam Kekovich? [Read entire story]

Sordid new pictures of Atkins

EXCLUSIVE: New details of Michael Atkins’ sex life with young men as cops consider his immunity deal over Matthew Leveson. [Read entire story]

Behold the Baileys Choc Chip Cookie Cup

THE only thing more comforting than a choc chip cookie on a Friday afternoon, is a choc chip cookie cup filled with alcohol. Get excited, people! [Read entire story]

Are you a Ms, Mr, Mrs or Mx?

FILLING out forms just became a little more complicated and a lot more inclusive at this Australian company. [Read entire story]

‘I don’t date women over 30 and overweight’

A PERTH man has been branded a “creep” after he shut down a woman on a dating website because he doesn’t “consider dating women who are over 30 and overweight.” [Read entire story]

The mistake that cost Jill Meagher her life

ON THE fourth anniversary of Adrian Bayley’s arrest, a gripping documentary provides new insights into Jill Meagher’s murder. [Read entire story]

Plunging onesies on red carpet

IT was a matter of “how low can you go” at the Brownlows, with Jesinta Campbell and Nadia Bartel facing off in a flesh-fest. [Read entire story]

This could be the ugliest shoe hybrid yet

UGG BOOTS or ‘Uggies’ have been an Aussie icon for over 30 years. Now, a U.S. company has tinkered with the it and created an abomination. [Read entire story]

Baby-faced drug mule freed

CHHAY Reaksmey, Cambodia’s 14-year-old drug mule, is to be released from notorious Prey Sar prison after a judge ruled her jailing was “unjust”. [Read entire story]

Mum’s warning to pregnant women

CLAIRE Foord is fighting to make sure no other woman goes through that same pain she did when she was supposed to be full of joy. [Read entire story]

Richie sends the wrong girl home

THE Bachelor took his final five girls camping to sort the best from the one who hates camping. And then he went and broke our hearts. [Read entire story]

Death caused ‘powder keg’ town to erupt

THE West Australian town of Kalgoorlie is in mourning over the death of killed 14-year-old Elijah Doughty, but not in shock. [Read entire story]

‘I ate mud for you Richie. I ate mud.’

WHAT’S with the producers of The Bachelor covering the girls in brown? Olena copped it this latest episode, while somehow remaining ridiculously good looking. [Read entire story]

Why it all went horrendously wrong

DID police bungle the Lindt Cafe siege? The inquest has highlighted a litany of shocking errors by police. [Read entire story]

How did police get it so wrong?

WHEN Nina Funnell was tipped off about a porn ring hunting her, she was shocked, but what disturbed her was the police response. [Read entire story]

A dormitory of underworld crime

IT WAS was a dormitory for kids who grew up to be gangsters. But a renovation has unearthed secrets inside its walls. [Read entire story]

The big secret women are keeping

MORE women are doing this to protect themselves. But is honesty the best policy when it comes to relationships? [Read entire story]

‘I’m your mum … but I’m falling in love with you’

A MOTHER and son who claim they are in love have been arrested on incest charges. Now they’re campaigning for awareness of ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction’. [Read entire story]

Astonishing diet of an Olympic champion

OUR swimmers have truly gone through hell to be the best. Gold medallist Melanie Wright reveals her crazy diet and exercise plan. [Read entire story]

This girl lives life without limbs

BRAVE teen Rahma Haruna, 19, lives her life without arms or legs. Her parents are desperately trying to secure a medical diagnosis. [Read entire story]

This 22-year-old mum wants tubes tied

HOLLY Maitland already has two kids and is pregnant with a third. She’s desperate to take control of her body. [Read entire story]

Train realistically for a half-marathon

I EAT popcorn for dinner and use a stick to turn off my bedroom light. This is how I will run a half-marathon and survive. [Read entire story]

12 hilarious truths about school photos

EVERY year you’ll wonder why you forked out $40 for the same terrible photo in a vast range of sizes. But may these awkward mementos never change. [Read entire story]

‘Stoned in every family photo’

THERE’S a secret addiction sweeping across Australia we aren’t hearing about, and experts warn of its dangers. [Read entire story]

‘They’re scared out of their minds’

THE Brock Turner case has put on-campus sexual assault in the spotlight. We ask experts who the most at-risk students are. [Read entire story]

The fashion week moment that upset US media

BELLA Hadid walked the runway for MBFW this week, but her presence was overshadowed by a moment that ‘didn’t go over so well’. [Read entire story]

Coles’ massive missed opportunity

WE got a bit excited about Coles’ new range of ready-meals. But it turns out that the latest move in the supermarket wars lacks a little imagination. [Read entire story]

‘I eat two kilos of butter a week’

AFTER ditching the diet and eating two kilos of butter each week, Christine has never been healthier. [Read entire story]

‘Butt of jokes’: More adults are getting braces

THEY’RE usually seen on awkward teenagers, but an increasing number of adults are getting braces. But why? [Read entire story]

Odds stacking up against casino in lockouts row

SYDNEY’S Star casino says it doesn't have a case to answer on violence but new figures show assaults have gone up since the lockouts came into force. [Read entire story]

‘They are repulsed and over it’

AN EX-Biggest Loser trainer has hit out at the show’s “body shaming” tactics and says Michelle Bridges’ comments are a disgrace. [Read entire story]

’Most expensive wedding’ ingites Instagram

THIS (apparently billion dollar) wedding is currently blowing up Instagram. Sting, J.Lo and Enrique Iglesias performed. [Read entire story]

Decapitated head flushed down loo

A MAN cut off his partner’s head, broke it into pieces and flushed them after she boasted of sex with other men, a court has heard. WARNING: Graphic [Read entire story]