I Got ‘Cool-Girl Bangs’ Cut And This Is How It Changed My Hair Game

I finally made the big chop. With the exception of one year when I was in 4th grade (and my mom thought a bob would look cute on me – oh how wrong she was), I’ve always had long hair with a few layers at the [Read entire story]

ASOS Stopped Airbrushing Models’ Stretch Marks And The Results Are Beautiful

All bow down to ASOS. Shopping for lingerie and swimwear online can be a pretty depressing experience; spending hours looking at perfectly airbrushed models with impossibly Barbie-esque proportions and [Read entire story]

This is How You Determine Which Primer You Should Use

And it will transform the look of your foundation. Makeup can be confusing AF. Even as a beauty editor who basically lives and breathes cosmetics, I still find myself wondering what order to apply my products in or which [Read entire story]

23 Signs Your Nutella Addiction Is Spiralling Out Of Control

ALL BOW DOWN TO THE CHOCOLATEY GOODNESS. Today marks my fave day of the year, World Nutella Day. Never has a condiment deserved its own holiday more than the glorious hazelnut spread that commands serious food [Read entire story]

There’s A Music Video About Period Sex And It’s Bloody Awesome

“It’s not weird it’s just another kind of lipgloss.” If there’s one video you watch today, make it Crazy Ex-Girlfriend actress Rachel Bloom’s song about period sex. While the [Read entire story]

9 Travel Destinations You Never Heard Of That Are Worth Visiting

Pack your bags. As I grow older, my travel bucket list is getting longer, even though I usually tick off one or two destinations every year. Of course I’ve done the standard must-see trips to many metropoles and [Read entire story]

How Poor Parents Sabotage Their Kids’ Health

Junk food may come cheap, but the cost of your child’s health is steep. When I was over at a parent friend’s place for a BBQ recently, our conversation inevitably turned to his 3 year-old [Read entire story]

UK Parliament Debates Banning Trump For “Hate Speech”

“His words are not comical, his words are not funny. His words are poisonous.” Five hundred and seventy-five thousand Brits have signed a petition demanding US presidential candidate Donald Trump be [Read entire story]

Oscars Red Carpet Predictions: What They Might Wear

The Academy Awards, mostly known as “Oscars”,  is the most watched award show on the planet getting an unbelievable amount of 43 million viewers last year. So it’s no surprise that the who-is-who of [Read entire story]