Small business company tax cuts lifted employment but not wages

The first data analysis of what small businesses did with their tax cut shows half of it was pocketed by the businesses, a quarter invested, a fifth created more jobs and almost none went to wage increases. [Read entire story]

Share analysts warn recent bounce leaves stocks overvalued

Several leading share market watchers are warning investors that the recent rally for Australian stocks may have run its course. [Read entire story]

Economic growth jumps but national income falls

Australia's economy beats expectations with 3 per cent growth over 2015, but a broader measure of economic wellbeing is still going backwards. [Read entire story]

Real estate index falls as foreign buyers exit: NAB

A decline in property investment and foreign buyer activity is expected to reduce house price growth to just 1 per cent over the next two years. [Read entire story]

ASX posts steep morning falls; resources, banks slide

Australian shares fall steeply in early trade, with large resources firms and banks leading the decline. [Read entire story]

Australian share market ends year 2 per cent below where it started

The Australian share market ends the year a little over 2 per cent below where it started 2015, following a lacklustre final session. [Read entire story]

Miners, banks hit as post-Fed glow rapidly fades

The Australian share market has followed steep falls on Wall Street, as investors re-evaluate the fallout from the first US interest rate rise in nearly a decade. [Read entire story]

Retail sales beat forecasts with 0.7pc rise in February

Official retail sales figures beat forecasts, rising 0.7 per cent in February following a strong gain in January. [Read entire story]