Unlockd CEO Matt Berriman steps down following mental health issues

Matt Berriman, the CEO of Australian start-up Unlockd, has stepped down after revealing he is suffering from mental health issues. Unlockd’s chief operating officer Jane Martino has been annouced as the [Read entire story]

Leigh Campbell joins Mamamia as executive editor

Former Cosmopolitan beauty director Leigh Campbell has joined women’s publisher Mamamia as executive editor. In her new role, Campbell will be primarily responsible for the lifestyle side of Mamamia’s [Read entire story]

‘Brace yourselves’: Vegemite announces Vegemite Icy Poles

Vegemite has alluded to the creation of a Vegemite Icy Pole, leaving Twitter users with mixed reactions. The brand’s Twitter account posted a photo this afternoon of an icy pole made using Vegemite, writing: [Read entire story]

Australia’s longest-running motoring magazine launches redesign, claiming ‘print’s not dead’

South Australian motoring magazine samotor has launched a redesign, with samotor editor Jane Woodhams claiming “print’s not dead”. She said: “A readership survey revealed that more than half of samotor [Read entire story]

‘Quit smoking and quit the crap that goes with it’ says NSW and Victoria cancer council campaign

The Cancer Institute NSW and Cancer Council Victoria have joined forces for a new campaign which urges smokers to quit by highlighting the negative aspects of the habit. From being embarrassed to give a hug to having bad [Read entire story]