Report urges industrial manslaughter laws

Australia should have federal industrial manslaughter laws to punish negligent deaths at work, a Labor-chaired Senate committee has recommended. [Read entire story]

Jobless rate tipped to stay steady at 5.3%

Economists expect Australia's unemployment rate will have remained steady at 5.3 per cent in September, with the number of people with jobs to grow by 15,000. [Read entire story]

Push for Senate inquiry into ABC chairman

Labor and the Greens are pushing for a Senate inquiry into ABC chairman Justin Milne's demands a journalist be fired because the government hated her. [Read entire story]

Price reductions for PBS listed medicines

The cost of more than 20 medicines on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme will drop by up to $6 per script next month, Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced. [Read entire story]

Australia on course to extend jobs run

Economists expect a further 20,000 people secured work in March which would see the jobless rate ease to 5.5 per cent from 5.6 per cent. [Read entire story]

$50-a-week wage rise will boost jobs: ACTU

The Australian Council of Trade Unions has released projections which claim its push for a $50 weekly rise in the minimum wage will create up to 57,000 jobs. [Read entire story]

Australia riding the wave of the surf park boom

Commercial operators are scrambling to build surf parks, but will guaranteed waves be enough to lure diehard surfers away from Australia's world-class ocean breaks? [Read entire story]

Trump to celebrate tax bill’s passage

US President Donald Trump has had his first major legislative win with the House of Representatives passing a tax that benefits companies and the wealthy. [Read entire story]

Spike raises bitcoin insider-trading fears

A major online currency exchange says it is investigating claims of insider trading in bitcoin cash. [Read entire story]

US deal with Russia on Syria will save ‘tremendous numbers of lives’: Trump

US President Donald Trump says an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Syria would save "tremendous numbers of lives" after the two met at a summit of Asia-Pacific leaders. [Read entire story]

Airlines asked to to carry enough fuel for return flights amid shortage in Auckland

A shortage of aviation fuel causes dozens of flight cancellations at New Zealand's Auckland Airport, with airlines advised to carry enough fuel for return flights after a digger apparently damaged an oil pipeline on a [Read entire story]

Female stars demand BBC ‘act now’ to close gender pay gap

Dozens of the BBC's most high-profile female personalities sign an open letter calling on the broadcaster to "act now" to address a gender pay gap that sees its top male star earn five times more than its best-paid [Read entire story]

Trump’s communications director quits

Mike Dubke is leaving his post as Donald Trump's communications director after just three months, as the US President reportedly considers creating a "war room" to combat mounting questions and multiple probes. [Read entire story]

Michelle Guthrie says all ABC programs up for review

Expect more changes, possibly to flagship programs like 7.30, Lateline and the 7pm news, ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie warns. [Read entire story]

China cuts growth target amid push for debt reduction

China cuts its growth target for this year as the world's second-largest economy pushes through painful reforms to address a rapid build-up in debt, and constructs a "firewall" against financial risks. [Read entire story]

Westpac promises to compensate customers for losses caused by outage

Westpac says it will compensate customers "who have experienced a financial loss as a direct result of the branch system issue" due to a major outage that disrupted transactions at a majority of its branches today. [Read entire story]

Cancer drug manufacturer to leave Adelaide, backflip on expansion plans

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer will close its Adelaide manufacturing plant, which makes and exports a chemotherapy drug, in less than five years, despite plans as little as a year ago to expand the site into a [Read entire story]

Holden to end car production in Australia in October

More than three years after revealing plans to cease Australian production, carmaker Holden has confirmed October 20 as its closure date. [Read entire story]

Men charged following 2015 royal commission into trade union corruption

Queensland police charge three men with serious offences following last year's Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption. [Read entire story]

Shipbuilder ASC to be split into three companies

The Federal Government says it wants to split the Adelaide-based shipbuilder ASC into three separate companies: shipbuilding, submarine maintenance and support, and infrastructure. [Read entire story]

NAB systems outage cuts internet banking

National Australia Bank is hit by its third systems outage in a week, leaving customers without access to internet banking. [Read entire story]

UK, Finland-born economists win Nobel Prize for Economics

UK-born Oliver Hart and Finland-born Bengt Holmstrom (pictured) win the 2016 Nobel Economics Prize for their contributions to contract theory. [Read entire story]

Arrium union members turn down administrators’ pay offer

Union members reject an offer of a 12 per cent pay cut from the administrators of Arrium's troubled Whyalla steelworks. [Read entire story]

German police arrest 120 in anti-coal demonstrations

German police say they arrested 120 people following violent clashes between environmental activists and security personnel at anti-coal demonstrations in the east of the country. [Read entire story]

Westpac ATM network restored after customers left frustrated

Four Australian banks restore their ATM network after hours of technical problems, with customers around the country unable to withdraw cash. [Read entire story]

Arrium to be boosted by duties on ‘unfair’ Chinese steel

Import duties will be imposed on cheap and "unfairly priced" Chinese-made steel products in a bid to help embattled SA steelmaker Arrium remain competitive, the Federal Government says. [Read entire story]

Victoria to raise $250m by increasing royalties on brown coal

The Victorian Government is expected to reap more than $250 million over four years by lifting the royalty rate for companies mining brown coal. [Read entire story]

Businesses losing money by not recycling

A Planet Ark report says small and medium sized businesses can save and even make money if they recycle better. [Read entire story]

Israel passes law to cap bankers' salaries

Israel will have one of the world's toughest curbs on bankers' pay after the government unanimously passed the relevant legislation. [Read entire story]

Island of stone money, Micronesian song and just a trickle of tourists

For people of the Micronesian island of Yap, whose stone coins are the largest in the world, life is a mix of staying true to traditional values and embracing modern tourism. [Read entire story]

AlphaGo victory raises concerns over use of artificial intelligence on stock market

Experts are concerned humans may not be able to predict the actions of artificial intelligence on financial markets given the success of Google's AlphaGo in beating grandmaster Lee Se-Dol at the game of Go. [Read entire story]

Finance News Update, what you need to know

Finance News Update, what you need to know [Read entire story]

Local News Corp boss to head Foxtel

News Corp Australia's boss has been appointed the new CEO of pay TV operator Foxtel. [Read entire story]

Tasmanian shipbuilder angry over police boat contract going to WA

A Tasmanian shipbuilder hits out over the awarding of the new police boat contract to a West Australian company. [Read entire story]