How King Bibi survived

Israel's election results show that fear-mongering and racism work. [Read entire story]

PLO calls for end to security coordination with Israel

Leadership council votes to suspend ties citing Israel's "non-compliance with its obligations". [Read entire story]

Bangladeshi mourners pay tribute to slain blogger

Hundreds join vigil for Avijit Roy in Dhaka as father of US blogger demands government to bring killers to justice. [Read entire story]

Lesotho votes in bid to overcome tension

Thousands queue to cast ballots in hope to end political deadlock after an attempted coup six months ago. [Read entire story]

Digging out the dead in eastern Ukraine

A brief lull in violence compels many to call for an effective way to collect the bodies of the dead soldiers. [Read entire story]

Venezuelans protest after teenager is killed by police

Sporadic clashes erupt day after 14-year-old boy is shot dead at anti-government rally in San Cristobal. [Read entire story]

West pushes for peace as Ukraine truce teeters

EU and US appeal for end to fighting after Kiev and rebels refuse to start withdrawing heavy weapons from buffer zone. [Read entire story]

Leaders agree on Ukraine peace roadmap

A deal is reached on a ceasefire and heavy weapons withdrawal in Ukraine but EU leaders say much work still to be done. [Read entire story]

US closes Yemen embassy and orders ambassador to leave

White House says its ambassador in Sanaa will leave the country by Wednesday as its orders the closure of its embassy. [Read entire story]

At least 40 dead in violence at football game in Cairo

Dozens more injured after clashes erupt between police and supporters of Zamalek football club in Egypt's capital. [Read entire story]

Fire at Bangladesh plastics factory kills 13 people

At least 13 bodies recovered as rescuers continue search for victims after five-storey building catches fire in Dhaka. [Read entire story]

Ten die as Greek fighter jet crashes in Spain

The F-16 plane crashed during NATO manoeuvres shortly after taking off at a training centre in the east of the country. [Read entire story]

A slap in the face reveals a lot about Mexico

A governor slaps his aide, telling a great deal about race, class, and politics in the country. [Read entire story]